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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

week #95 Mon. Dec. 28, 2014

    Well I'll start with a small story from last week. So Elder Tatton has an older brother, his brother went into the MTC March 6th 2013....In case you aren't aware that is the same week as I went in. So the story takes place on December 26th 10:23 (Taiwan standard time) As Elder Tatton was skyping his family, his mom picked up the ipad they were skyping with. They showed him the house and showed him the countdown for him...and his brother. Then she said "look at how much time your brother has left?....10 Weeks!!!" I fell over. In shock. Realizing my life as a missionary is coming to a close. I realized "10 weeks that's nothing, that's no time at all, that's the end....." Then I realized something.... "wait...I have 11 weeks, oh good still have plenty of time." So we came back from that and I told Elder Tatton I was going to make a plan. A plan of all plans. The plan that would allow me to put everything I got on the table. A plan of intense work. I was going to make a plan that will pull me in every direction, give me more pressure than I've felt before. I was going to push my limits. Reach farther, do more, and change more. I called it the 10 week plan! so this is what I'll be putting myself through for the next little while. It's now no longer the end just a new beginning. I divided it into a few separate categories, spiritual, physical, language, the work, and other. I wrote some B.H.A.G's (Big hairy audacious goals [basically just the overarching goal over this 10 week period]), then I made small goals in each week things I would do to remain focused, have energy and enthusiastic for the work.
     After I made the plan I felt a lot more ready. I'm gonna need a lot of extra help from the Saviors atonement. I will also need a lot of motivation. It starts next week and I want to invite everyone to help me out on this. Send me one inspirational quote before next week. I hope that I can have a lot of quotes by next week to help me get through the plan. I understand there are many of you who are busy but one quote that'll do. 
Dear family and friends,

Sorry that was the main things I wanted to go out. But this week was great, I loved skyping the family. You all are great. We've been meeting with a lot of new people they seem very promising. We have 2 people looking to get baptized in January. They are both coming to church, praying, looking good on commandments, It'll be great to see them progress. Elder Tatton and I have had a great Christmas. So many miracles. I love you all, keep up the great work.
with love,
Elder Bean

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