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Saturday, January 10, 2015

week # 96 Monday, Jan. 5, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,
Well it has been a great week. I felt like it was just filled w/ goodness. We have some great investigators. Please pray for them. Updates on them Warren is awesome. He's 11 he is loving church, comes every week, he prays, he reads, he doesn't have a problem w/ word of Wisdom. He's looking solid for his date on January 24th. L,  we got a hold of his son, L doesn't speak Chinese.  His son said that his dad had a great time at church, wants baptism and is so excited about he offered to take him to church this week on his own. But here's the crazy part. I know him. He played basketball once with Elder Gummow and I. I was pretty shocked at how small the world is. Then V is an english student who has been meeting with us outside of English class to discuss our church, the BoM, and God. He's starting to see changes of his understanding of God. He is great.

 I've started outlining the next 10 weeks. I'm pumped. I have a bunch of different things that I believe will stretch me. My companion is excited because he loves to push himself. So this will be very easy. So here is a great miracle story for the week. We were out in our secondary area. We were going to visit 3 less actives and an active member. But on the way to the active member, a 17 year old stopped us and asked if we knew where we were going. We didn't quite know. We showed him the address and he said he knew a short cut. I still don't know if it was a short cut but it was very nice, and so we followed him. Then he said just to keep heading straight and we'd find it ourselves. Well we got lost....we asked a betel nut shop where to go they pointed us in a direction. And then there was a giant tractor tearing up the road and we were told we couldn't go forward. But we saw someone nearby so we started talking to him. As we continued to talk he was impressed that 2 twenty year olds were trying to help others believe in God. He felt no one that young could really believe in God. So we told him we'd share how we know. He said, well come to my house and you can sit while you share. We went over immeadiately sat down, and shared some scriptures, told him about praying to know if they are true, if God exists, if there is life after death. He was ecstatic to try it out. We set up a time to go visit him again next week. So overall it was pretty amazing. 
I'm loving the work, loving the 10 week plan. This week I'll be working on Faith, praying and trying to do as much as I can in every day. I know this is God's work, I know he has a plan. This church isn't just true, it is amazing, and will lead ALL people to happiness and peace in this life and the eternities. 
I love you all

Elder Bean

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