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Saturday, January 31, 2015

week #99 Monday, Jan. 26, 2015

Hey everyone. It's been a great week. I love the work (as usual). But really this week was superb. W was baptized!!!! I was worried a lot this week because this week he had class all week, so we couldn't see him until Saturday. But then we went and visited him, he had already got his dad's signature, was excited for baptism, and was really receptive to the 5th lesson. He had a great baptismal service. A family gave him some church clothes so he can wear them every week to church. Success!
Another cool experience this week was with an investigator, he came to the church, met with us, and he brought his girlfriend, they sat down with us. We discussed the gospel of Jesus Christ and then we asked them what they thought about baptism. They were pretty willing, we asked if they would set a date and they did. They set it for the end of February, so I'm pretty excited for them, It'll be cool if they both join the church together. 
So this week is the week of virtue. As I reflected upon the 6th chapter of Preach My Gospel. I saw that a key part of virtue is repenting quickly. I thought about a few things I could do this week to exercise my virtue. I decided I want to memorize a hymn in chinese and second in order to be better about repenting. Every time I eat I will think about things I need to repent of. I hope that by doing this I can be more virtuous and be able to be a greater tool of the spirit for the people in this area. 
I also had a great opportunity to do missionary work with Elder Gassman, he came down for interviews and went on exchanges with us. It was so great. He is such a great missionary. Glad I got to be his companion, even if it was only for 3 weeks. That's something I have been thinking about recently, is how blessed I am to have the companions I did. I have been blessed to be surrounded with greatness. From my MTC district, to my trainer, to all of my companions, they are all great missionaries. They have inspired me, have led me to be a better person. I will always keep them in my prayers. I set a goal a long time ago... I decided I was going to help each one of my companions make it to the celestial kingdom. Until now, I didn't really understand how much that has influenced my relationship with all of my companions. Having eternal vision helps you realize the small problems don't matter, it doesn't matter to you if your companion is a little messy, he contacts strangely.  If you know you know that your going to be around for a lifetime, you start looking more for the positive things about each companion. You start to see how they help you more than how they annoy you. I know I was put with each one of my companions for a reason. All 13 of them are great missionaries. 
I know this work is God's, I know he has put us with speicific people for specific purposes. I have learned from each one of them, I know the church is true. The more I learn of Heavenly Father the more I love him and desire to be better. 
Keep pressing forward and Keep being Awesome!
I love you all so much!
Elder Bean

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