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Saturday, February 21, 2015

week #100 Mon., Feb 2, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

     This week was a little bit harder. One of our solid investigator's has fallen off the radar and it seemed to take a toll on our work. It's always hard when that happens, but it's all good. We are still working on finding, teaching, and baptizing. This week we have some cool successes as we work w/ some LA's. It is cool to see people start to feel their testimonies build again. I love it when I see things like that. 
    Also a new thing has started for me. Because my last movecall started today, I can now call my RC's anytime I want to. So last night I started calling a few of them and it was so good to hear from them. I could feel their testimonies. I especially had an opportunity to talk to one who has been struggling to go to church recently b/c she has school on Sunday's. It was good to hear her desire to go. We talked a bit about praying and reading. I will stand by what I have told a million people while being on a mission.  If you read and pray everyday, you will be able to retain your testimony, as soon as you stop doing the simple things, that's when you get weak, and struggle to stay firm and steadfast. I am also excited to help strenghten each one of my RC's that I can. I love being a missionary.
    So the week of virtue was great, this week is a week of knowledge. So as I study every day during personal study, I'll start by writing down 3 questions. Then as I read the scriptures I will try and find an answer to those 3 questions. Today as I studied I realized the gospel really is the answer to most questions. If we want to know what to do to strengthen our friends, the answer is the focus on the gospel. If we want to know what can help secure us after the mission the answer is the gospel. The gospel changes us, allows us to become better, makes it so when we fall down there is a sure way to get back up. The answer is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
     I know that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, he has set the path. He has invited us to come unto him, that's the key, INVITED!!! He's not forcing anyone he wants everyone to choose for themselves the things that will make their life better. So let's spread it. It needs to reach everywhere. As cool as it is that we have 80,000+ missionaries preaching it, we still need help. The work needs 15,000,000+ missionaries constantly sharing, inviting and helping others come unto Christ. Let's not ever give up this great cause. 
I love you all
Elder Bean

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