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Friday, December 5, 2014

week #90 Monday, Nov. 24, 2014

Hey Everyone,
So it's official I am a white washing wizard. I'll get to that in a second though. So last week we were super busy trying to strengthen our area. We seemed to be super busy, between balancing my current area, preparing to go white wash and helping other missionaries in our zone. Then Wednesday we went to a train, the trainers meeting, it was good, it helped me have some time to think and process what I hoped to do with my new missionary. Thursday came around, we planned a ton, I planned for the next week what I was going to do, where my focus would be. 
Then Friday came. I went up (very early ~4:30 in the morning) We traveled up. Everyone had questions for how they should train. I was the only one sitting by so I shared my experiences. Then we made it to Taizhong, it was chaos. Because it was move call day, everyone else was there. We got pulled into the chapel where president told us that the group that came on was doing awesome. However they had some expeiriences while waiting for visas. Quite a few had companions in other missions that were struggling with obedience, dilligence, and morality. He said that he hopes we can be good examples and help these missionaries have better experiences. Then the meeting started. I got my new missionary drum roll please.......................ELDER TATTON! He is a fireball. He read my name I got up went and hugged him. As we were going back to our seats I told him Elder congrats you're white washing. His eyes got big and he was excited. He is so fun to serve with. He has a ton of faith. super obedient, his chinese isn't half bad either. Then we took a 4 hour train ride back to Pingdong. We hopped on a taxi and traveled to our apartment. We put our stuff in the apartment, then we tried tracting a bit before we went to the Ward Cordination Meeting. Saturday we contacted a bit that morning but no success. Then I realized...wait! we should say a prayer. So we prayed for some help contacting. We then turned down a random road and ran into a man who was pulling into his house. We talked to him a bit and he said he'd love to bring his kids and wife over to our church some time. BAM MIRACLE. Then contacting became super easy for us. Obviosly it was the Lord's hand.
I'm not gonna lie, whitewashing is different than I thought it would be. It's a lot more work. But here's the seceret of the matter, it's not the work that makes things happen. It's the work that reminds you you're doing it wrong and you need to turn the Savior. This is his work. and I love it. 
I'm enjoying Pingdong, I feel like it'll be my last area. I am excited for it. Pingdong is a golden area. 
I love you all!
Elder Bean

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