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Friday, December 5, 2014

week #89 Monday, Nov. 17, 2014

Dear Fam and Friends.
So some big news. I'm moving....On Friday. We don't know where, we don't know who will be my new companion. But we know that 21 new missionaries are coming on island this week (late because of the visa problems).  So President Blickenstaff sent out a fax Saturday Night w/ a list of the names of the missionaries that will most likely be moving, told us that yesterday was their last Sunday in that ward. And I was on that list....:( It's super weird that I'm leaving and moving somewhere else. But it's all good. I'm more curious about where I'm going, We'll find out tomorrow night. Well ya.
So last week we spent P-day playing football, then went to TGI Fridays....ya we are definitely more in the city part of Taiwan. Then Tuesday we went on exchanges with some elders. Had a great time, We went on splits. That was the first time I had to do that on exchanges. But it was a good lesson. Then we had a good talk about Elder Shang, the missionary I was with also served with Elder Shang. It was good to hear some stories about my old companion. Let's see. Friday we went on exchanges again with Gangshan Elders. I went to Gangshan, with Elder Lieske. So I was basically in heaven that weekend. But here's the cool part of that story.
That night we met with one of the RC's (W) (he investigated when I was there). As we were discussing the topic of (R) came up. For those who don't know (R) is one of my very first RC's overcame smoking, coffee, all because of his faith in God. He was super solid, had a lot going for him. Then in July soon after I moved here, the Gangshan Elders called me up telling me that he had just gone apostate. Someone from work had handed him Anti-mormon literature. I was invited by them to try and get ahold of him. I tried calling but never answered. Well,  we were meeting w/ (W) and he asked about (R), I explained some stuff. Then I asked Him to pray for (R). As we got back that night, I felt prompted to try calling him again. So I called...HE ANSWERED. (R) and I talked a bit and then asked if he could meet with me on Saturday. I set up with him and we met with him. I didn't talk much about the antimormon stuff. I just loved him, talked to him as a friend then in the end I asked him how he was doing, and he said he was going to go meet with the missionaries in Gangshan again. I AM SO HAPPY!!!!!! I was sad for him for a while, but now I know he was a reason I had to come here to Gaoxiong. I love the work.
I'M TRAINING!!!!! I just got a call from president. I'm going to be white washing Pingdong. That's the southern tip of the mission. I can't believe it. so that tells you where I'm going on Friday. Well that's all for this week,  I love you all. Until next time!
Elder Bean

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