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Friday, December 5, 2014

week #87 Monday, Nov. 3, 2014

Hey everyone,
It's been a good week. So onday we got the flu shots that were required of us. Then we we went and visited the Bishop and his family. Had a great dinner. Then on Tuesday we went on exchanges, I was with Elder Cuartas, he's a great missionary. He's from Columbia, he works super hard and he sees a ton of miracles. 
We had a good english class Wednesday. Then we went up to Taizhong for MLC. It was great really fun to see all the other zone leaders and to learn from President. I also was able to renew my Temple Reccomend. Which means I've been endowed for over two years. That's weird. I definitely miss going to the temple. I think that'll be something I look forward to for sure. Anywho. Friday we went on exchanges w/ Xiaogang I got to go w/ Elder Tolman again. It was super fun. We had a ward activity, went to a funeral, but the craziest thing was I forgot my bag that had my razor, and all my other stuff. So I discovered I can grow a beard if I don't shave 1 day. Don't worry I shaved by the end of the day. But it was definitely weird. 
So something cool that happned is we were visiting one of our family investigators. And as we were there the peike went off on some tangent but the spirit was still there and then we felt prompted to invite the daughters to set a date to be baptized, and they did. They have a date as a family, and they are working together. It's super exciting. Just need to help them come to church and they should hit there date. 
I know this is God's work. I love my companion, I'm learning a ton, but I don't know how to explain it all. I know that God has provided a plan. That plan is his plan of salvation. I love you all. 

See ya next week

Elder Bean

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