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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

week #93 Mon. Dec. 14, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

    Well this week was filled w/ miracles. I love the work I really do. This week we met people. Woah that's a change. I was starting to forget that we were white washing because we had a lesson practically every day. YES! Tuesday we went on exchanges w/ the zone leaders. It was fun. We met w/ a cool new investigator. We visited some less actives. 
Then Wednesday. We got to meet w/ one of the recent converts that's been missing in action recently. Thursday we had a great miracle day. So that morning we woke up. I wasn't feeling like running like we had planned to. But I figured it was important that we at least tried to go to the track. So we ran, we were in our exercise clothes. Normally nothing that crazy happens when we exercise, but when we finished exercising a man came up to us. Started talking to us about who we were, whey we were in Taiwan, we explained, then he asked us to come over to his house. So we did and it was so cool. We met with a family who were all interested in what we had to share. God is sending people to us. He is both leading us and leading them. It was a crazy awesome really neat miracle. 
     Friday....pretty normal planned, went on exchanges w/ the other pingdong elders. Saturday the sisters had a baptism and we were able to get one of our investigators over to it. He loved it. He had a great time, and because of it he decided to set a date to be baptized. It was awesome. So now we are actually touching every phase of the work. 
     Lately in personal study I've been studying the doctrine of the lessons a lot. I can testify I know this church is true. The plan of salvation is true, it is the way. It was revealed by a prophet. I know that God loves each one of his children and He has sent us to help gather them back. I love the work. I hope all is well. Until next week,
love you all
Elder Bean

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