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Monday, December 30, 2013

week #43 Mon., Dec. 30, 2013

Hey fam,
Well I survived another week, and it hasn't been that long since I last talked to you. (thank you skype). So let's see this past week we've seen a few miracles, I've learned a bit, and ready for next week, ok that's it for this week see ya all next week!

Just kidding, So this week some of the highlights were: For our English Class, we made cookies for our English class. I decided it's a million times harder when you don't know the conversions for cup, tablespoon, etc., but they still turned out great, best peanut butter cookies I've ever made. Everyone loved them, despite the fact they were sweet, Elder Shang thought no one would eat them because in his opinion, Taiwanese don't like sweets. But he was wrong, they loved 'em. Then so details on what I did for Christmas, so as we were preparing for Christmas we had to go buy wrapping paper (there was a gift exchange) and as we were there, I saw a snow globe, and Elder Shang was eyeing it, and said, "wow if we had one of these it'd be soooo cool, it'd be like it was snowing everyday!" so while he wasn't looking I bought it really fast, and shoved it into my bag. Then when we got home I started wrapping it with our leftover wrapping paper, which Elder Shang had no Idea what I was doing, he thought I was eating candy or something so he was annoyed, wouldn't start planning, did his own thing, then when he turned on the light, I placed the wrapped box with a snow globe in it on his desk. He turned it on to see a present on his desk, we did planning, and afterwards he opened it to see the very globe he wanted, it only cost 2 dollars but his reaction was priceless, made it a really good Christmas. Then we lasted until weekly planning, he crashed again....糟糕 But after talking it out, we actually had a really good 36 hours, we helped an investigator set a goal, we found a ton of great people, we helped a ton of people come closer to Christ, it was a really good miracle. 

So then the week continued, I got to church and one of the recent converts came up to me and said, "Elder Pao sent me this to give to you". (Elder Pao is Brandon's previous companion, 3 weeks ago, and he was in the area Brandon is in now, like 2-3 months ago).  It was a box of hot, a picture of the district up there, a small note, and a bunch of hints on the ward and how to help people, it was an awesome gift. Love Elder Pao, such an amazing Elder. Then we sadly found out that 2 of our progressing investigator's don't live in our area, so that was a little sad, but they live in the zone leaders area, so they'll be in good hands, I'm not too worried. Then we went to a family's house to eat dinner and as we were there, they asked, so Elder Bean where in Utah are you from, and I said "Highland".  They were all like "what! we know that place" turns out they have a friend the kitchen family (who was one of the first 4 missionaries in Taiwan) who lives in Highland and they went to visit him, they showed me pictures, and videos, he lives like right around the corner from the Robb family, so I saw the neighborhood, almost all of highland, it was so fun. Yep, this week I've started memorizing A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief. good song, love the Savior more and more, you're all great. Until next week.
Elder Brandon Bean

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