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Monday, December 9, 2013

week #40 Monday, Dec. 9th, 2013

Well once again I have moved. I have been kicked out of Zhongming, they think I brought too many miracles to that land, so they sent me away. ;p. But for reals I'm out, we got the call Saturday night and I wasn't sure what to expect. But Elder Jensen says "Elder Bean your moving" and I immediately yelled "NOOOOOOOO!" So here's the low down for the week.

So we've worked this week, we've tried to work on getting new investigator's and this week we definitely did it. First on Tuesday, we were trying to visit one of our investigators with the young single adult branch president, only to find that he wasn't there. So President Zhang suggested the idea that we go and visit one of the young single adults who lived nearby and has a father who is not a member, but recently was in a crash. We went and visited them and it was such an amazing lesson. When we gave him the invitation to be baptized, he said "obviously I want to be baptized." It was so good. Then Ken one day was eating lunch with us, and he brought his friend and his friend was super willing to meet with us, so we met with him, had a great lesson, super willing to meet with us and to continue learning. So that prayer was definitely answered. 

This week we had a really amazing zone training meeting. We discussed the vision for Taichung, right now Taichung has 2 stakes, they want to build a 3rd, and the Zone Leaders showed us how close we are, it is totally feasible, and we can totally do it. I made several goals for us to do our part and help  the ward be ready for a third stake in Taichung, so exciting. 

Ya so then Sunday I had to give my first real talk in Chinese (7 minutes).  I may have been a slacker and haven't really prepared that much. The day of I decided my topic and then I kinda of if'ed my way around an idea of what I might say. But for the most part, no script, just went and tried to follow the spirit and in the end it wasn't too hard. I really felt the spirit lead me to say certain things. and the ward complemented us a ton on our talks, so I guess it was over all good. 

Ya, so I'm in Guiren, a county in Tainan. Super close to Gangshan actually. I haven't been here long (literally got of the train, dropped off my stuff, and came here. So I don't know much about the area, other than what Elder Pao told me (this was his last area).  He loves it, says the ward is amazing, wants to help. The bishop loves missionaries, so basically the golden land. Then my companion is  Elder Shang. He's super cool. He's been here for a move call, he's a native missionary (man my Chinese is gonna be off the charts).    ....yep that's it for now I guess. I will talk to you all next week!

Elder Brandon Bean

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