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Monday, December 23, 2013

week #42 Mon. Dec. 23, 2013

Hey Everyone,
This week once again not the "wow went by so fast" feeling I normally feel. But lots of good happened. We've been working hard, meeting lots of new people, going through trying to figure out what to do. Studying hard. 

First off, our English class is going crazy. They seriously love us out there. It's exploding, Super fun too because I can use a whole new variety of teaching methods, because I have advanced speakers and beginning. I love it, it's fun, it's a joy. 

Thursday we had our mission Christmas activity. It was miracle. I got to see all of my old friends, all of my old companions. Elder Tolman tackled me when he saw me ( worked at little Caesers). Elder Milheim is in my zone, (Chinese Class) and of course it was fun to see everyone else. It was a blast. Which was good because the morning wasn't going so well, I was struggling with my companion and on the way something whispered to me.."Just get to the Christmas activity, it'll be okay" And It was, it was actually great. I got to see Elder Gassman who's in my generation and has had the same problems I have recently had (companion), and he gave me some great advice. Then I also got a chance to contact with Elder Pao randomly outside the steakhouse (steak house not stake center). It was wonderful, I was having a blast. Then we also had a small devotional, and 10 missionaries gave their reflections and they were so inspiring, it seemed each one was God specifically talking to me, so I was so spiritually full afterwards. Then President Blickenstaff shared some thoughts on Christmas from Isaiah it was so good. Loved it!.Then we headed back, got back a little late, but the lack of sleep was hardly noticeable. 

Friday I fasted for the gift of prophecy, to help me know what to do with my companion, help me better understand scriptures, know how to help my investigators, and I've seen a ton of fulfillment's on that. Fasting has really helped me know that Alma 17:2-3 is true. (I've been studying different talks and one mentioned fasting a lot.)

We had a ward Christmas party, it was great, had a few investigators there and they seemed to enjoy it pretty well. We also went and visited the Bishop and his family last night. We got a chance to share a scripture, I shared my favorite (1Nephi 2:15) and a spiritual insight, he loved it, he made sure I hadn't shared it with any other members because he wants to use it. 

Yep this is the just of the week. Doing well, memorized Lead Kindly Light this week, learning to say pretty good prayers, and learning to love every moment, because it really is precious, it is in these moments we become who we are, when we discover what kind of person/missionary we are supposed to become. I can only be grateful for these experiences.

Elder Bean

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