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Monday, January 6, 2014

week #44 Monday, Jan. 6, 2014

Dear Family,

Well this week was long, but things are a million times better. So that's a good sign. Let's see.  Which was honestly great. I lead the area for a full 72 hours, then Wednesday night, then one of my new attempts to reach my companion, I wrote him a small notes (Taiwanese love to get notes.) Then that night, Elder Shang came out and said, "In all honesty I don't know why I'm mad at you, so I'm sorry for these past few days." Then Thursday, we had a meeting with the counselor of the mission presidency. It was so good. First, he talked to me about knowing the Shepherds of a ward. That's how you get work done. He's super inspiring, he really helped me feel focused again, and helped me get my fire back. Didn't really talk to me much, mostly with Elder Shang, but overall, the things he did say to me helped me a ton. He pointed out in the scriptures it often says "不要怕“ or "Don't be afraid". In fact it says it 365 times. He asked me, "You know what that means?" "Don't be afraid, everyday". He told me that everyday we can know that the Lord is with us and we don't need to be afraid. So that was a good sign. 
We're trying to help our investigators agree to getting baptized on a specific date, I think this is the hard part. They all know they want to be baptized, but they don't think "now is the right time".   We keep trying to use different techniques, we'll see if we can get through to them, if we can, they'll be baptized this month if not...maybe next.
Bishop used my scripture in fast and testimony meeting. It was so funny, he got up, talked about how when he was on his mission they had to memorize scriptures and he memorized 1 Nephi 2:15, but until we came and visited them 2 weeks ago, he really had no understanding of the scripture. He quoted me and everything, which is a good sign because it shows the ward trusts us. I used Sunday to get to know all the 牧羊人(shepherds) (the YM/ YW, Sunday school, RS, EQ president's). So useful, I think we'll have 80 people easy by the end of the month. 
Ya, that was the jist of the week, all is going well, Elder Shang has been pretty good the past couple days. I've been studying Ether lately and I've noticed there are a lot more times than not that The brother of Jared prays in behalf of his people, his brother. Even when Jared was fully capable of doing a prayer by himself, he asked his brother, to pray for him, and the people. He did, and the Lord gave Jared and his family blessings. Prayer is such a blessing, I don't know why people choose not to pray, or are scared to pray, but I pray for them, for now, hoping that one day they can receive those blessings on their own. Love ya all.

Until next time,

Elder Bean

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