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Monday, January 13, 2014

week #45 Mon. Jan. 13, 2014

So ya, I really do have a testimony that God knows the bigger picture. I know that he puts us in these hard times for the future, Think about it, our future is so huge, as a missionary I might have up to 65-70 years left as a mortal on earth, this small trial doesn't even last a full 6 weeks, That doesn't even take into fact the eternity in the future. I obviously don't see what's gonna happen in the future, but today while at the hospital getting Elder Shang's ingrown toenail fixed, they wanted to give him an anesthesia shot so his toe would numb, he started  throwing a fit like some of my siblings do around shots, he was saying "please no, please no, there has to be another way" I and the nurse helped him to understand it's a little pain now, so that when they cut the nail he won't have any, it is necessary for the least amount of pain. Finally he took the shot, and he expressed how weird of a feeling it was to see his toe opened up practically but not feel a thing, and was grateful he had the shot. I know trials are in the big scheme, the same thing. We have these little specks of hard times, but they help us grow stronger, they help us have more experience, It truly is a blessing in God's plan.

Elder Bean

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