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Monday, January 27, 2014

week #46 Monday, Jan. 20, 2014

Hey Family and Friends,
Today is amazing. This week was great, saw plenty of miracles, honestly like I think this was a week I'll always remember. So let's go through. So Monday my companion was still super upset with me wouldn't say a word, then that night the zone leaders called, and Elder Shang told them he didn't want to do District Training Meeting (he was district leader). So they asked to talk to me and guess what, they asked me to lead my first District Training Meeting. So that was definitely new. I actually think it went really well. I really felt a ton of help when preparing, I honestly felt I didn't put a lot of thought, but I got a lot of inspiration, it was really cool.
So then Tuesday we had DTM, spirit was super strong at the end Elder Edwards (the BYU kicker that's super cool) had an idea to share our favorite moment of move call. So we did and I got so fired up, I was so ready. And then I went on exchanges with an awesome missionary, Elder Bak! He was super awesome, his Chinese great, and he's super diligent, it was a great to exchange, learned loads.
Then on Wednesday we had a great English party, watched the Testaments, everyone loved it, and the spirit was super strong, came home. Elder Zhu helped Elder Shang get into a good mood while they were on exchanges. Then Thursday came around and it was like I was alone again. I was leading the area. I didn't not receive any guidance on where I could go, I was not told where people lived, he had crashed again and expected me to do it all. So I did, then Friday came. We started the day with  a lesson and in the middle of the lesson Elder Shang went into his crashed mode, he normally won't show his mood in a lesson, it's usually when it's just us, so I was scared, then after the lesson he ran away from me twice......I think the zone leaders and the Mission President definitely will recognize the sound of my voice, I had to call them a lot that day. Luckily everything turned out OK, I still managed to get an exceptional amount of lessons that day, got a new investigator. Then on Saturday, I was completely leading the area, taught by myself, chose how were gonna do things, went to where I wanted to go, and he went about 2ft/hour speed limit. I was dying inside, I had no idea what I could do to change this, I said a lot of prayers this week, he got super mad at me that night and yelled at the top of his lungs, I'm not gonna lie. It was a hard day. Maybe one of my hardest, he locked me out of our room, while he took pictures of investigator's records. He got a call telling him what was happening, he was going to Tainan west to be with another Taiwanese companion that was his good friend before hand. Then he hung up and told me I was gonna be with an Elder Lindsy, who is younger than me but he was already senior, so I was like "oh guess I'm still junior that's cool" then the next day I grabbed the phone, called the zone leaders because I wanted to know who was coming into the district, and then I asked wait who is District Leader and they were like, "you are" and I was like what!" turns out my companion is Elder Lieske who is not Elder Lindsy and that to a Taiwanese they sound identical. so ya.
Then Sunday I finally did it, I broke down the wall that Elder Shang had. We started talking, he was apologizing his behavior, and I told him straight up, already forgave him, I don't remember the bad things about companions, I try to remember the good things, ya overall he took it really well, and was super happy the rest of the move call.
I've got my companion, My zone leaders are with me and they're super cool, I'm loving life. We're gonna see miracles within the next few weeks, expect miracle stories, funny quotes, and amazing adventures. Because that's my expectations of everyday. I love this mission, I love every second, don't let me say otherwise, I know that God lives, I know that Jesus is the Christ, my savior, my Redeemer. I know that Joseph Smith did see God and Jesus Christ descend in a pillar of light. I know this is his work. I am so grateful to be a part of it. I love all of you, you're in my prayers, and this week I'm 20 (officially an adult according to Taiwan standards).
Until next week,
Elder Bean

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