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Monday, January 27, 2014

week #47 Mon. Jan 27, 2014

Dear Friends and Family,

This week was superb I loved it. I have one of the greatest companions ever. So here's what happened. First we got home, I found out my companion sings opera, he's from St. George his name is Elder Liesky (pronounced like Whisky but w/ an "L"). He went to SUU before the mission, he's on his 4th move call, I'm his 3rd companion, he was in Pingdong before here, so he's freezing here in Tainan. But he's doing great. So when we got home, we discussed our expectations for the move call, we discussed having a goal of a lot of lessons in a week, we decided to have a goal of 50 lessons in a week. The next day, we made a surplus of goals and expectations everyday in order to hit it. (he's so motivated I love it). 
Tuesday, I led a DTM (district training meeting) on the Book of Mormon, I felt it went really well. It's definitely weird leading these now, but I feel the spirit lead me into what to say, what to ask, and so forth. We've found a ton this week, we have almost doubled our investigator pool this week.  We have to call a ton of people now, and we're seeing miracles like crazy. Finding people right before we have to go home, so that we hit our goals, we will pray for a miracle and we find people who are willing to meet. There was one time were I prayed for a new investigator and the Zone Leaders called us within seconds of me ending the prayer, saying they were with an investigator who just admitted he lived in our area and was gonna come to church this Sunday. It is crazy what is happening, I don't have any explanation other than We are being obedient and diligent and God is blessing the work in drastic means. I love it. I tell Elder Liesky a ton, honestly, I feel work is the best when we are busy doing the work. He's been super supportive, I feel like this move call is gonna be filled with miracles.
Yesterday, I had my first Baptismal Interview. That was different. It was super interesting because he was super ready, knew all the answers, was willing to live the commandments, he just had a problem with Joseph Smith and randomly the thought came to ask him if he'd received an answer before hand. He said he had. I shared D&C 6:23 with him and asked him why he doesn't believe that first peace he received, than he agreed he did believe. Towards the end of the interview I wasn't sure if my decision was right, I started saying to the investigator "Well according to your answers and my understanding of the gospel, You are ready to be baptized" and then I felt a rush of spirit fill my voice and I knew what I was saying was true, it was so great. 
Yesterday while traveling to an less active's house Elder Liesky stopped and said "look a guitar". Sure enough in the trash there was a guitar, I was like "let's take it so we have a guitar, I'll try to attach a picture of what it looked like last night and what it was like after we fixed it up a bit, we have to go buy strings and a ...bridge...I think that's what it's called but ya. super cool.
Well in case you can't tell I'm loving life, I love Taiwan, I love Guiren. I'm seeing miracles, having adventures. I'm doing my best to lead our district to a better playing field. I'm 20 years old and so much wiser. I'm thankful for all the birthday wishes, I love you all. I know the atonement is a real thing, It may be intangible but I do know that my savior Jesus Christ has suffered for all of us. I know that we can all become better thought the power of the atonement. Until next week my friends and family.

Love you all,

Elder Brandon Bean

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