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Monday, September 2, 2013

week #26 Monday, Sept. 2, 2013

Hey Everyone,

So it's been another great week in Gangshan and here is what went down. First on Monday we went to gaoxiong, visited the dream mall, had Cold Stone Creamery so 歸(expensive) but it was really good. Then we went to the Gao 85 (was the tallest building in Taiwan until they built the Taibei 101. It was really cool, if I have time, we've got pics to follow. Then we headed back and had burgers at Feed Me, it was really fun. Then later that night Elder Casperson got a call from the mission president, and discovered that he is training next move call. It was super crazy, they don't normally tell us until the Monday before move call, but they called us 3 weeks before move call ends. So basically I've been working really hard to make  Gangshan amazing before I leave, so that the new missionary will come into an already rolling snowball effect.
So then, another part of the week is we got to go on assistant exchanges!!!! It was way fun, we were with Elder Limponasraphong (he's from Thailand) but his English is way good. It reminds me of Jeffery, he lived in America for 3 years before his mission, his parents aren't members. He is way awesome. Helped us a lot, and has such a positive energy. That night I had an awesome English Class, great spiritual share. Then after that began the 5 day long rainstorm, it rained hard from Wednesday night, to about Sunday. It was so much rain. We would just come home soaked, but we had soooo much fun. We got to ride in a car to the train, the trainers meeting (thank you assistants) and it was crazy there, was floods all up and down the roads in Gaoxiong.
Ya, we also did exchanges with the 4 man because Elder Casperson is the district leader and needs to do that. We had fun. I was with Elder Erekson and we did a ton, visited less actives,  met with investigators, tracked. Then guess what we got to do, our investigator went on a mission with us. So that was super fun. Such a great experience.
Yesterday we had 94 in sacrament meeting attendance....ummm that's everything, ba(Chinese word that Brandon uses a lot in his writing). I love you all, thanks for updating me on the week, things sound busy, tell everyone I say hi. Oh and PS, I bought a USB so I can print emails, so emails are no longer an issue, so send me emails if you want (this is to everybody) because I'll just print them and then respond later. I know the church is true, I know God works in mysterious ways but he does answer prayers. I love the work.

Love you all,

Elder Brandon Bean

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