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Sunday, August 25, 2013

week #25 Monday, Aug. 26, 2013

Hey Everyone,

     Another Great week in Gangshan. Loving every second. This week we did get a really long, small typhoon. Basically Taiwanese were scared of melting all week, and we just had to be creative with how we got lessons. But I survived, didn't get too wet.
     So Elder Casperson has been wanting to have as much fun as possible on p-days so last week we ate a giant bowl of ice w/ fruit, brown sugar, and some really weird stuff no way to describe. It was a bowl that is supposed to be fed to like 10 people, but we ate it as a 4 man. We all felt like we were gonna explode afterwards. But this week we are going to Gaoxiong so that might be pretty fun. We are thinking of going to the mall or the 85 (a tall tower). should be way fun.
     So one crazy news is the ward here wants to have a choir, but...they don't know how to sing parts.  So they have asked us the missionaries to direct the ward choir, this could be pretty interesting but, we all were down for it. Who knew I'd be leading a choir throughout my mission. Crazy.
     Also We have been pretty fortunate, Elder Casperson has the Joseph Smith movie (the one they play in the temple visiting center. They haven't translated it into Chinese, but he had a member ask the area presidency if he could translate it, and he did, and it turned out pretty good. We've been using that for a few different investigator's and they have loved it.  So on other news. I've finally tracked into success. Most people don't want to let us into their house, but I was knocking on the doors and guess what I got in!!!! The guy was super awesome, he has already met with us a few times. We are planning to meet with him again on Tuesday
     So I love working here with the Gangshan ward, they have really been changing from pretty good to "Holy cow they are so awesome" I love it. Plus some of them have found my blog so Hey fellow Gangshan members, Glad to be working with you. Any who, I'm loving working here, I know that the Book of Mormon has power beyond anything explainable, I know that we are in the time of the gathering (been reading Jacob 5 lately got super excited). I miss you all but don't worry still working super hard.
Love you all,

Elder Brandon Bean

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