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Monday, August 19, 2013

week #24 Monday, August 19, 2013

Hey Everyone,

Another Great week in Gangshan. I'm really loving it here. So last Monday we finally got a new microwave, and now we have microwaving ability, if I didn't tell you why we needed to replace it I'll have to tell that story when I get home because it'll take a lot of explanations. Any who, ya, it was super funny because Elder Erekson (the other elder in our 4 man) is super good at haggling, he haggles taxi drivers, buying food, pretty much anything (I don't think the taxi drivers like him). Any who ya we got a pretty nice microwave for just under 3000 kuai. 

We had zone meetings this last week, Pretty crazy, President Blickenstaff changed the way we do numbers in order to help missionaries not focus too much on numbers. They also got rid of nightly follow ups, so basically leaders are loving life now. 

Ummm, we have had an opportunity to go to our secondaries, which was kinda iffy because I don't know them as well as I know Gangshan, so we had to do quite a bit of wandering. But Elder Casperson loved the beach at ziguan, the waves were huge that day (we were on the deck and it was a great view. I think the members told us there is another Typhoon coming so that'll be fun. Then we went to Luzhu, and got very lost but we found our investigator in the end and had an awesome lesson.

So this week we got to help take out tiles, It was great service, but it was so hot, we showed up in our missionary clothes so we were dying from heat.  Especially since we had to wear those face masks to keep us from breathing in all the dust (they where those face masks Dr's usually wear a lot actually) Then they fed us dinner, that was super awesome. 

Church yesterday was AWESOME!!!! guess how many people were there? 120!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we hit the goal, that was the highest attendance has ever been, so now our goal is to try and maintain that for the next 9 months then get a chapel. woot woot!!! 

Everything is going well, finding tons of new investigator's. We are looking to baptize some time soon. The ward is all on fire right now. I can't wait, super excited. I love serving here in Gangshan. Well I guess this is everything. I know that the Church is true, I know that Jesus Christ Really did sacrifice himself, he felt our pains, weaknesses, and sins in the Garden of Gethsemane and he paid the price. I know that through him we can overcome all. We can do anything. Your all in my prayers. 

Love you all,

Elder Brandon Bean

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