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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

week #23 Monday, Aug. 12, 2013

Hey Everyone,
It's been another great week let's see how much is writable and I can get in letter format. So I've had a full week w/ Elder Casperson and I've gotten to know him for real now. He's way funny, great story teller, and fun to be around. He and I have actually gotten used to each other pretty well. Take that "second companion syndrome" that everyone was trying to scare me about. Ya he's from Draper, UT youngest of 3, his parents are serving right now, he does all kinds of sports (including ballroom) and he is planning on shooting for the team at BYU when he gets back. So far no problems really. Sister Burr got a native companion so she's been pretty stressed lately, and Elder Lazenby (the new missionary in the area) has amazing Chinese so he's fitting in well. 
So, they moved me up in English, I teach Intermediate class now, and their English is awesome, I hardly have to use Chinese. I got to talk about ballroom for the cultural share, and they loved it. I was telling them about the different kind of dances and dancing solo style, but they got a good kick out of it. Then I had an awesome spiritual share about prayer and everyone was participating and afterwards one of the soon to be missionaries in the ward came up and said "thanks, that answered a question I've been working on recently" so successful English lesson... I think so. We had fathers day that was pretty awesome, got free food that day from one of our recent converts. Then the next day we went on exchanges w/ the zone leaders, I lead Gangshan while Elder Casperson went to a different city. It went ok, I got lost a couple times, but not too bad, we had lots of success, finding people it was great, we didn't get too much teaching but it was okay. 
Also our mission president has been working w/ the stake presidents and suddenly the ward is amazing, they are calling people and setting up times w/ me to go meet w/ less actives w/ them, or have members come over, basically our ward is awesome! 107 people came to church this last Sunday that was a high for my stay in Gangshan so far, we need a hundred and 20 people there before we can get the chapel so we're gonna keep working. woo!
So that's everything. I'm really loving the mission, We are seeing a lot of awesome things. The church over here in Taiwan is really stepping up, they're getting the fire in their eyes, the drive to do missionary work, or as Elder Nielson said "Catching the Wave". People are being prepared, we are just servants in the process. I've felt the spirit guide us and we've had some great experiences just finding and teaching. I love this church, I love this work, I love this mission. I know that the church is true, I know that we are starting a new era of missionary work. I'm excited.
Your all in my prayers, I miss you, love you, You're all awesome, Be safe. Remember God, and never give up.

Elder Brandon Bean

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