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Sunday, August 11, 2013

week #22 Monday, Aug. 5, 2013

I have been on a scuba diving trip, just got back at 2:00 in the morning, so I apologize that it has taken me so long to get this last weeks letter posted.  Sorry, Debbie (Brandon's Mom)

Hey everyone,

Sorry I am emailing so late, it was crazy today w/ move call and all. So first off I'll just tell everyone about the week and I'll talk about move call last. So last week we partied w/ the members. We went to a "Chidaobao (chirdaobao)" which is basically an all you can eat place, w/ steak. All of the members we work w/ came. They invited our investigators, the Recent converts, and everyone. IT WAS AWESOME!!! There was probably 20 people there, so the Chidaobao was going crazy. Basically I got a 24 oz steak, and all you can eat buffet for like 10 bucks. Woot woot. 

So Elder Erekson got the call Monday night that he is training. So he had to go and pick up Elder Lazenby on Friday, it is so nice not being the newest kid on the block. So normally the companion of the soon to be trainer will get moved in advance so that there isn't a complication w/ having an extra missionary in the training companionship. But Elder Sumsion moved to our companionship because he wanted to be around for the baptism. It was super awesome, we worked super hard, got a lot done. (I think I work really effectively in a 3 man). So ya... So Elder Erekson came back had his new companion Elder Lazenby. His Chinese is super good, he's from Boston, but he hasn't talked too much so we'll see.

So normally we get the move call (or at least the call telling us where are going and stuff) on Saturday, but we were sitting there waiting Saturday Night and nothing. We called like 15 minutes before 10:30 and the zone leaders said they still hadn't gotten it...The next morning we get a call at 6:37ish and that was when we found out Elder Jensen is going to Dakeng, I was staying and my companions name was Elder Casperson. So ya. Then we had church, visited a lot of members, and investigators and stuff. Today I dropped Elder Sumsion and Elder Jensen off at the train station in Gaoxiong, hung out w/ my new zone leader (They switched up all the zones) went to the dream mall (biggest mall in the world) hung out there until my companion got to Gaoxiong. A member drove us, so we didn't have to take the train. (A/c is always nice) Then We got back, I've had very little time to get to know him really, but he already seems super cool. He's super funny, I'm his first junior companion, and he's a District Leader for his first time. He came on island back in septemberish so he's about 6 or 7 move call's ahead of me, he's from Draper, Utah went to Jordan High school. Super cool guy. Still getting to know him and stuff.

Well that's everything for this week, I love you all. Happy Birthday to Mckay, and Courtney, hope you guys have fun. Here it's Fathers day on Thursday b/c you say it ba ba which if you switch the tones its dad. so Happy Tawainese fathers day. I love you all, I love serving, I know the Lord is preparing people. I know I'm doing his work I love it here. 

Love you all,
Elder Brandon Bean

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