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Monday, July 29, 2013

week #21 Monday, July 29, 2013

Yet another week has flown by, it's crazy how fast time flies by when your having fun, anywho.
So, yes I am officially done training, but the move call has not finished, they set it up so that you finish like a week before move call, so now Elder Jensen and I are regular full time missionaries, get out the door at 10:30 instead of 11:30/12:30 (depends on if we would eat inside or outside). But it is great fun (well we haven't really started yet, that starts tomorrow). 

So lets see this week was kinda crazy, let's see what I can remember. So Tuesday, we got a chance to visit one of the young men who is in the hospital, our ward mission leader used to be the young men's president, so he is really good w/ all of them. Good experience, Wednesday, we had another great English Class, and the President Blickenstaff came to interview our baptismal candidate.
The next day we had a mini zone conference, it was cool to see my MTC's younger generation, all of the Elders got put in the south so they were all at the meeting. It was great, we talked about goals, and vision, working w/ the ward. I'm excited to work w/ President Blickenstaff. Saturday we had a really cool activity where members from the ward came and were missionaries for a day, we split off w/ them. I got lucky and got put w/ the American in our ward, he is here for business. So I wasn't as lost as I thought I would be. We visited some of our investigator's, did some finding. Then it came time for the baptism. The baptism was really good. His nephew and aunt came to the service. 
Then yesterday, we had another one of our investigator's have a baptismal interview. 
So I think that's everything. Good to hear Bryson and Dad made it back, Bryson should have seen the drinking a soy sauce bottle as a bad thing, hope you end up surviving, but if you like soy sauce that much, we've got plenty here in Taiwan;). I love you all. I know God is working miracles through us here in Gangshan. I know he cares about the work I'm doing, He helps me everyday.
Elder Brandon Bean

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