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Monday, July 8, 2013

week #18 Monday, July 8, 2013

Dear Family,
So like I always say time is going by to fast, I noticed I don't have long before I'm done training. Kinda scary. But I'm kinda loving everything still, so here's the update. So First off, I have been working on contacting, for some reason the past while has been really, really hard, I struggle, a little bit is the language for sure, but I feel like this is just a sign I need to perfect my contacting skills for the mission, so that's how I'm going about it.
So this last week we went and visited an less active whom self contacted us (which was a really good thing because otherwise we wouldn't have gone to his house because his name on our list says "don't visit") which usually means family fandui(protest) but since he asked us to come over we did. He is so cool, he goes scuba diving, and harpoon fishing. He also has taught himself how to play the 2 stringed violin and play hymns. He had me teach him how to know what key a song is in based on the sharps and flats (in chinese it was crazy, but I did it) And what's great is he came to church for the first time in years this last Sunday. It's so great to see people decide on their own that they can change. 
This week I also passed off lesson 4 for phase one, and tomorrow I will finish phase one training, I'm so glad and excited to be done with that. Then I can play piano on p-days so ya that'll be great. Taught english again this week, I guess I'm doing something right because I have students returning;). Yah I did a lot better this week, my spiritual share was about the Holy Ghost, and Elder Erekson, the door man,  got a lot of good comments about it so ya... 
That's really the week, good to here from all of you, Hope that was enough info for everyone.  I know that Jesus Christ suffered for all of God's children whether daoist, budhist, christian, whether they baibai, or say "amen". And he did so, because of God's love for his children. I've felt that love he has for the people of Taiwan, and I know he really does love all his children. I know this is why he's called me to help bring his children into his fold. 

Love you All,

Elder Brandon Bean

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