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Monday, July 15, 2013

week #19 Monday, July 15, 2013

So today I'm on computer w/ a bad keyboard so please excuse all my typos.
Hey everyone,
It's been another great week in Gangshan. We had a lot happen in the last week. So on Monday, the Elders got a duanchuan to be w/ them (Elder Xue). He was way awesome, although he didn't speak much English, so I had to practice a lot of my Chinese. Also on the subject of Chinese I finished phase one, I passed it off, I am done w/ that giant text book, now I'm on a different textbook called phase 2. It doesn't have a pass off, but It is just a ton of vocab, but it actually helps a lot, I've been able to understand a bit more. 

So this week has been filled w/ a lot of travel and meetings. Tuesday we had a meeting in Fengshan, and we had to take the train to and from. So that killed our Tuesday, then on Thursday we had to go to Fengshan again in the evening. But that meeting was to meet our Mission President. He is really awesome, he was born in Blanding, UT, currently works in CA. has 6 children....maybe, all are married except the younger 2 one is in med school, the other is there daughter who just went on a mission to South Korea, They had another daughter who died in a car crash when she was 3 years old. We had interviews w/ both of them, she asked about a tender mercy I've seen on my mission, he just asked me about my companion and I, my family, he said I sounded like I had an accent (Swedish) that was weird, but whatever.

Taught English again, for spiritual share I shared "Ask the Missionaries" by Elder Nelson. Something I found funny is they also liked the line "Ask the Missionaries" by the end they were kinda chuckling at the line. Guess somethings work through all cultures. Also this week Sister Burr (our area's current English leader) told me that my class has too many people and I need a second teacher to help me teach so Elder Erekson will be helping me teach (which will be awesome). 

So also this week Taiwan had a typhoon, that's right I survived a typhoon (in mandarin it's called taifeng). Okay in all honesty it was just a lot of rain in Gangshan, didn't get a lot of wind, It affected up north and the east side a lot more than it affected our area. I think some areas in our mission got some bad winds, but as for here I just ended up, being wet most of Sunday, and a lot of people not wanting to set a date to meet with us during the weekend, and it killed our sacrament attendance, so basically I'm going to pray typhoons don't happen as often, unless it will help us find service opportunities (since it wasn't big enough no was willing to accept our help). 

So that's really everything, I'm excited to play the piano today we'll see how that goes. I hope I touched on everything. I'm praying for you all (especially Dad and Bryson being on the East Coast).

I know the Church is true, I know God has prepared these people in Gangshan to hear the message of the restored church. I look forward to everyday, waiting to find new people.
 Love you all,

Elder Bean

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