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Monday, September 30, 2013

week #30 Monday, Sept. 30, 2013


So good to be here again. It's been another great week in Zhongming.  This week has been filled with new people, and all of them are golden. I'm loving the people here, they all are so prepared. I keep telling the people in the ward that, because I know it's true. 

So my new goal is to help the zhongming be on board as we are to help the missionary work in the area progress. I feel like the ward is ready, they just need a little spiritual motivation, and then I feel like they will be great. The goal, is to make this ward missionary self sufficient. So wish me luck on that. 

Oh by the way, this week we visited one of our investigators who is an OB/GYN, so it was super easy to get on his good side when I told him that was dad's job. He's a funny old guy, super interested in crazy stuff, and he's christian, not too interested  in changing beliefs, but he's willing to listen for now. Which is nice, people who are willing to listen tend to be more willing to change than they think. 

Taught Intermediate English this week, Elder G and I are gonna keep switching off throughout the move call so that will be fun. Got to introduce myself in Church yesterday, that went really well, I got up there talked about the love God has for everyone, the ward, the people on the street, their neighbor's, friends, etc. I told them I was here to serve them and help them, a lot of members came up to me afterwards thanking me for my service. I think Zhongming is ready to push the work forward, so that will be fun. We had ward council that evening, that was....enlightening, I'm definitely excited to start working with the leaders in this ward. They have a lot of good ideas. 

Then last night we had a great opportunity to visit a family in the ward. He is a return missionary from the Taibei mission (served in 1983). He knows a lot of people in the church, and he is such a great member, willing to put his whole heart into his calling, and wanting to help where he can. It just shows the tip of the iceberg of the people here in Taizhong, they all have so much love and I just want to help them a lot. I wish I had time to have a good experience with every member with in our boundaries, but we'll see what we can do with these 800 members. :D.

Well, I love you all, I'm grateful for your e-mails, I love hearing from you. Next week is conference for you but I don't have it for another week, so don't spoil too much for me. If they change tithing to 15 percent, or change missionary service to 14 years, I'm sure I'll here before I get to the email, but other than that, you'll all know well before me. So until next week.

Elder Brandon Bean

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