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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Week #29 Monday, Sept. 23, 2013

Hey Everyone,

It has been a great week serving here in the city. I'm loving every second of it. Within my first few hours proselyting here, we ran into a guy who was super prepared, handed him a Book of Mormon on the street, set up a time to meet with him today. We've also tracked into some great people, have received great referrals, in other words, I'm in Zhongming the land of the prepared.

So I'm not in a 4 man anymore:(. But Elder Gummow & I have been having a blast, he plays the guitar, so we get to sing to accompaniment every morning. So good. He and I have been working hard, finding new people, teaching, trying to get to know everyone. I love it so much. 

Then on Wednesday, we had Zone Conference, such a great meeting. President Blickenstaff focused on conversion and repentance. We talked about the importance of reading the Book of Mormon. He's such a great Mission President. Oh ya, I played the piano for the meeting. That was crazy didn't know until I was at the meeting (we got there late so literally right before I was supposed to play I was told "oh Elder Bean you're playing the piano for us, is that ok?"). But other than that super great meeting. 

I teach English, xiao pengyou, or childrens, and that is pure chaos. Really little to no teaching is going on then it's more like babysitting a bunch of crazy aged kids. so ya.. good news is Elder Gummow and I will switch off so that's nice. This week was Mid autumn festival, in other wards, everyone is out of town so we had a lot of finding time....yay:D.

As some of you know there was another typhoon that hit Taiwan, but it didn't hit us, we got a little bit of rain last night, but really nothing. But that didn't stop investigator's and less actives from using that as an excuse, they were all so worried but it's okay they all survived.

So here in the city there's a lot more English speakers that's for sure, they definitely have been trained to speak better english than "How are You" or "What is Your name".

So yesterday was a new kind of experience I was at the church for....8 hours about. We have a young single adult ward from 8:30-11:30, we have a lunch there that the ward provides, and then we have our assigned ward that is from 2-5. So I got a lot of church. So crazy, I met a ton of new people. Hopefully I can remember all of them. It's was kinda weird to have church in a chapel, that's for sure. Oh and at church a miracle happened, so we were sitting in sunday school, and 2 random guys came in, they are twins and we asked them where they came from. Just some random people in the area, who got a flyer for church and decided to come, they don't remember who the missionaries were, they didn't get a reminder call, they just came, super cool. 

Well that was this week, super great, I'm loving it here.  Oh before I forget, everyone has been commenting on my fam pic this week, Mckenna they say you look like T-swiz, Dad looks like a movie star, courtney looks like a person from Hollywood, Mom looks super young, ya they said to tell you all that. Um ya, Well I know that the Book of Mormon is God's word, and through it we really can have true conversion, make sure you read it everyday, your spirit needs it. 

Love you all,

Elder Bean

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