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Friday, September 20, 2013

week #28 Monday, Sept. 16, 2013

Hey everyone,

Well my time in Ganshan has come to an end but what a great week it was. So first off the week started off w/ a ZTM. We went to Gaoxiong, had some great beef noodles for pretty cheep. Then we had an awesome meeting. Learned lots, the zone had a total of 111 peike's (lessons w/ members present). So the zone was pretty excited. then we came back, had a bunch of meetings, the Relief Society President bought all the missionaries dinner that night and it was super good food. Super nice and awesome.

Then Wednesday, we had an English party, and the theme was Harry Potter. So I had a blast, we were put in charge of Potions, and we had the students make cornstarch and water muck thing a majigy. Ya super fun, but way messy. The party was a success, had over 60 people at our English Party. So also really crazy but the good news was everyone seemed to enjoy it. Then we had the awesome baptism on Thursday.

So I'm not sure if this is allowed or not, but the sisters took a million pictures during the service including me baptizing him and everything, I have them, but I don't know if I should send them or not, I also don't have my recording stuff w/ me left it at my new apartment so, maybe next time.\

But ya the baptism was super awesome, I baptized him w/ one simple swoop, no retries necessary, and he seemed to like the service, the sister missionaries gave the talks, he shared his testimony, showed how solid he is. I can't wait to see him continue to grow in the church. 

Elder Casperson went up to Taizhong on Friday, so I was w/ the other Elders for the weekend so much fun, they are awesome. They are gonna have a baptism next month so that'll be great. 

Then we've had a million ward parties lately, been working w/ the ward a lot and they decided to do BBQ's, invite me over to their house, and stuff, so basically I've been so full all week. But then that night I got a call from my Zone Leaders to find out my new companion and my new area. I am assigned to serve in the Zhongming area w/ Elder Gummow. Here's the cool part about this info, Zhongming is in the heart of Taizhong, so I'm in the north, in the city and I'm loving it. Elder Gummow went to Lone Peak, and he's in Tay's ward, and he is the missionary that I just happened to read his blog while in Highland. She is Sister Robb's friend, so ya small world. We have an awesome area by the looks of it.

Oh ya and also my new zone, guess who is my zone leader...... Elder Jensen, it was so great to hang out w/ him today during lunch definitely the highlight of the day. 
Well that's everything for the week, I'm so glad I was able to serve in such a wonderful area as Gangshan but I know I'll love Zhongming too. Language is slowly progressing (in all honesty it's coming pretty fast), I'm still seeing miracles on a regular basis, adventures everyday. I will have a story next week, promise, which by the way did you listen to the recording? no one mentioned it. check last weeks message.

Well I know this is God's work, I know he is sending me to find his prepared souls, I know that he has a work for me to do, so I better get to it.


Elder Brandon Bean

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