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Monday, May 27, 2013

Week #12 Monday, May 27, 2013

Well another week has come and gone.

It actually went by way crazy fast. It seems like yesterday I emailed you. But unless my calender, planner, and watch are all wrong, it is Monday yet again and I'm given another chance to contact everyone. It's been a great week. We have been given many opportunities to serve the people in our Area. It was actually interesting how many people we found. We've had to do a lot of finding efforts, because our current investigators can only meet during the weekend, so we've been trying to find some weekday investigators. On Thursday, we had our interviews with the Mission President and Area Book checks. Plus we got cool maps that have a maps of our area (including secondary areas) and has a pinpoint telling us where each member lives. It's is actually way useful, and we have really been able to use it. 
So like I said we've been using the map to find some of the Less Active Members. It's kind of crazy because in Taiwan the addresses are crazy and make no sense to anyone, even the natives don't know where any thing is. :p But it has been an adventure. Usually what happens is we'll ask someone if they know where "such and such" street is, then they will say no, so we'll keep riding, until that same person comes by on a scooter (more like a small motorcycle) and tells us to follow them (they are holding their iphone that is open up to Apple maps.) So we will follow them until the programmed place is found. Then we try to meet with the Less Active Member. Sadly, on Friday something similar to that happened, but didn't end up as well. I was following Elder Jensen and the guy on the motuoche(scooter), when all of a sudden a truck cut me off, a big truck, like the kind that are huge that everyone on the freeway hate. So I'm trying to keep an eye on my companion, and I kept trying to get around the truck with no luck because we were in a very tiny street. Well in case you haven't guessed, we ended up getting split up and I lost my companion. He turned right and I didn't see that. Sooooooo ya, if it's not fun being lost, it's terrifying being lost and not knowing how to talk to anyone, and ask for help. I tried to ask everyone at the intersection if they had seen my companion, I tried other missionary, companion, another missionary, him and I are the same. No luck what so ever. For some reason this idea didn't come to me until 15 minutes of riding around the intersection. I had his number in my planner, and I could ask to borrow someone's phone. Once I got to a phone and dialed the number out of no where, Elder Jensen rode up on his bike. We had found each other. Now I know if I ever get lost again (probably won't happen again), I will immediately call my companion. 

On Saturday we met with Luke. Great lesson, we talked about the Saviors sacrifice and he did it because it was the fathers will. Brother Jensen bore his testimony on doing the fathers will. Then our member who peike(lesson w/ a member present) bore an amazing deep testimony of how much sacrifice and blood is represented by the Book of Mormon, and about the 1st four missionaries that came to Taiwan, (one of them dying) then we testified to look that he needed to be baptized that it was his Heavenly Fathers will.  Dad has the rest of the story don't have much time to type it all out again but ya...

Quick disclaimer I should probably say, Email time... I'm limited, to read and respond, letters I can read throughout the week, time changes every week how much time we have to write actual letters, so honestly just do what everyone feels suits them best, but their may come a day where I won't be able to respond to everyone. Okay it may have already happened.... I'll try and be better but please be patient with me. 

I love you all. I love it here in the mission field. I really do know that my Savior, Jesus Christ  lives. I know this is his work. There are too many miracles on a daily basis for it to be man's work. I've felt his guidance in everything we do. I know I am finding his lost Children. I know this is the True Church. I know that everything we are asked to teach is true. I know a living prophet guides our church today. I know that God loves his Children. I know all this because the Spirit has made it known to me, again and again. 

With love,

Elder Brandon Bean

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