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Sunday, May 12, 2013

week #10 Taiwan May 12, 2013

Well I just talked to you through skype but might as well write this week as well. Yes, pictures can be sent through email, it is way weird seeing Mckay in glasses, but I like it, he looks so smart.
So let's see, we got off the plane, went to our apartments, President Bishop did a lot of orientation stuff, we got to stand on a soap box and yell our testimony to a bunch of people in  the night market. (it's called a Dan Jones). It was way fun, cuz then afterwards, we went around testifying and getting a bunch of contact cards.
The next day, we got together and met our trainers. It was way fun, we each were given a red envelope and we opened it and read our area and trainer, then they came up and told us about our area. My companion is Elder Jensen, when he came up, he came to hug me and squeezed all the fears I had out of me(so strong I actually grunted cuz I lost a little air too;p) Then, we took a 2 1/2 hour train ride, then another 30 minute subway ride. We then went and taught a lesson and ate dinner. Elder Jensen has started having me bear my testimony (a lot) especially about my favorite scripture (Alma 17:2-3) and testify of it.
The next day, we taught another 3 or 4 lessons, and randomly in the middle of the lesson Elder Jensen would ask me to bear a testimony about something. I almost always end up saying the opening prayer, but it's good because it helps my language. We also got  lot's of different kinds of food. One thing you should all try, pineapple dipped in brown sugar, it's really good, of course the pineapples have more flavor here, but I'm sure it'll still taste good.
So then Sunday came, and we went to church. I didn't understand much, but afterwards we got some Mothers Day cake. It was really really good, then we went to the Bishop's house, they fed us, we all shared our favorite scriptures, and testified about them (I did Chinese, his kids did English, so we could practice our foreign languages). It was way fun. Then we went tracting, we've practiced street contacting a lot. I'm not so hot at it, but hopefully it'll come. Elder Jensen keeps trying to help me learn how to, hopefully one day it'll click.
That's really all, it was great to see everyone, hope everyone has a good nights sleep. Your all in my prayers, I love you.
Elder Brandon Bean 

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