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Monday, May 6, 2013

week #9 May 6 Brandon's last day in the MTC

OK. So everything is super crazy this week cuz it's our last week at the MTC.  I will be at the SLC airport from 9-10:30 so I might call then but probably will call when I'm at the LAX from 12:25-4:00 PM. That being said, be ready, tomorrow is a Tuesday, I don't know your schedule, but chances are it is busy. Mom, I might give you a small shout out tomorrow morning to coordinate.
Now to the letter. This week has been hen ku(cool). I got a lot of temple names (thank you branch 39[my zone]). I was able to really just have an amazing last week. My teachers are so awesome, they helped make sure we were focused. We taught a bunch of great lessons last week. It was way inspiring. I also feel so ready for the field. I feel good about the language (yes dad, I realize that will change by Thursday) and I just feel ready to serve. I know the Lord has prepared people, and my job is to find those people.
We were also fortunate to have in-field orientation this week. Basically it's like a 10 hour pep rally for the field. The best teachers come and just talk to us about how baptism is important, how to find people, setting good goals, working with the members, and so much more. I got to have a lesson from "Elder Christenson" from the District 2, it was taibangle (awesome). It just really motivated me to be in the field. It's funny cuz, we've only heard negative things about it from the past 9 weeks of being here, but all of us loved it. Oh well, I guess the glass is half full for some and half empty for others, and for a few they're upset that they didn't get root beer instead of water. Meiguanxi(kinda like no worries, directly translates to have no relationship). I also said bye to my friends in the MTC (Sister Burningham, Sister Boothe, and Sister Warburton). I'm way excited for the field though especially after last night. Chad Lewis came and talked to us for the devotional. In case you don't know Chad Lewis played on the Eagles NFL team, and guess where he went on his mission? Taiwan Taichung. He basically just gave us a huge pump up talk about serving with all our strength.
All of us are way sad that we are leaving our teachers and the friends we've made, but we are all super excited too. I have a lot of letters to respond to and not enough time. Family, I hope you don't mind but I get to call you twice w/in the next week. I'll respond to your letters through the phone call and next week in Taiwan, Sunday is mothers day. I will send a package home today though, maybe I'll leave a note in it. I can't wait to go. But the end goal is to write everyone by the end of next week for sure. I'm drawing a blank. And I can't think of anything to say. Just give you a heads up. Tomorrow I'm planning on sharing my testimony, saying things I know in zhongwen, trying to talk to all of you, dad if your at work, I'll call you separately.
Elder Brandon Bean

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