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Sunday, May 19, 2013

week #11 Sunday, May 19, 2013 (Brandon's Monday)

Well another amazing week has been accomplished.

So after last week, when I finished e-mailing you, we went shopping, got a bunch of stuff (mainly food). I had no idea what to buy, so I just ended up buying a little of everything to try out. It wasn't too bad. Then we just went to FHE, then just contacted on the way back. We've been doing a lot of contacting. I need the practice. At first I'd be all like "...."then they would leave because the light would change. So not that effective. Oh by the way,  the way we do contacting is we go to a four way w/ a red light, and then we just start talking about them/the church and then we ask for their number and name, they will write it on a card and then we ask if we can meet w/ them either tomorrow or the day after, and then ask evening or afternoon, then we ask a time, then we will meet with them the next day. It's pretty crazy but way effective. Especially b/c Taiwan people love writing their information. Now I've gotten a lot better about sharing simple short testimonies in like 5 seconds and then asking for their # and stuff. I need to be better at adding them for a lesson time. It's actually crazy, our mission has a lot of different stuff that work really well. I wish all missions could use this stuff. 

We've been teaching a bunch of lessons, Elder Jensen has been really good about having me share, and teach a good portion of the lessons, his goal is 50/50 teaching. I've also progressed a ton in the language. They have something called phase 1, 2, 3. It helps our language here in Taiwan, it's basically like a way to learn how teach in the language. It just has like a long list of vocab words, some teaching phrases, grammar rules, baptismal interview questions, and basically I made a goal to pass it off by the end of this move call(transfer). So I have to learn crazy fast. We also got a second companionship in our apartment, so we are a 4 man. We've also been really trying to discern our investigators needs, and how to help them towards baptism and lasting conversion. Elder Jensen does a great job listening to the spirit, and has great ideas, different ideas, on how to go about doing things. 

We have such an amazing area, I love it here in Gangshan, the Ward is awesome, the members really help with the missionary work, the field is definitely white and ready to harvest here. I've really felt the spirit as I teach, as I testify, as I see people change their lives and turn towards Jesus Christ. I know this church is true and I am loving the service. 


Elder Brandon Bean

P.S.- So also the workout schedule is set for us in Taiwan, we run Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Then muscular wed. and Friday, then on Monday we can do what we want. Yesterday while contacting their was a fengshui demonstration, we as missionaries call these groups, omama exercises. Basically it's a bunch of old people who gather in groups usually in a school field or something and meditate. Well Elder Jensen and I decided to join them this morning and it was crazy. We like stand w/ knees bent, we curl our tongue and touch the roof of our mouths and then you just hold different poses for like 6-7 minutes. Usually your hands are in the air, and it's supposed to usually have a circle involved. It was funny. We'll probably do it on Mondays, because we never know what to do for them.

Yep I think that's everything

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