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Monday, June 3, 2013

Week #13 Monday, June 3, 2013

Hey everyone,

Crazy awesome week finished, and it went by super super fast. So on Tuesday, we went on exchanges with the district leader and his companion (the other two elders in our apartment). It was fun, got to teach a lot of sit-downs. Then did I tell you that we had to move this week. Last week we got a call saying our landlord (even though we had a contract until December) decided he no longer wanted us in his apartment. In all honesty it didn't make a ton of sense b/c we never did anything, but oh well. So we spent all Thursday moving all of our stuff over to a different apartment across town. The office elders came down w/ the mission van, and we spent practically all day, packing stuff into it, while the other elders were waiting at our new apartment taking stuff from the van to our room. Ya... hopefully I don't have to move again, b/c that was very time consuming. We did it though, our apartment is a little bit smaller but that's just b/c our old one was huge (probably the size of 3/4 of our upper floor in Bean Manor at home). It was weird packing and unpacking just 3 weeks later, after we got here. 

So, continue having Luke in your prayers, he has started avoiding us, I think he believes we will just push him into the baptismal font if he tries to meet with us. So we've been just trying to leave friendly messages, trying to encourage him to meet with us again. I still believe he will come back, I just don't know when. Thanks for praying for him, I'm sure our prayers will be answered soon. 

So funny story, yesterday I experienced one of Taiwan's earthquakes. It was crazy, crazy fun that is. I don't want to scare you, the earthquake was more of riding over a lot of hills,  nothing even fell down. It did last like a full minute or two. It was funny b/c we were fasting, and I was sitting down reading Jesus the Christ and all of a sudden I felt the earth shaking, but my first thought was, wow I am so hungry I'm starting to shake and feel so dizzy. Then I noticed the painting next to me was shaking too, then my companion said there was an earthquake going on. Apparently the president of Taiwan was upset about how many earthquakes there have been in the past while. Apparently, the week before I got here, there was a huge one, but this week not so big. 

So this week has been focusing on President Bishop's advice he gave Elder Jensen and I. We have been trying to find new ways to work with the ward. I'm excited, yesterday we had a meeting with the Bishop, and a lot is going to be happening. I can feel some miracles coming to our ward. 

I know this is God's work. I know that he is hastening His work, and I'm so glad I can be a part of it. I know the importance of following the spirit, and I know Heavenly Father has a Plan. This plan is the reason we are here, it tells us where we are going and why we need the gospel of Jesus Christ. This life is filled with so much more than just getting a good job, getting good scores on tests so you can go to a better school. This plan is the reason why we all have a natural desire to start a family. I know that Jesus Christ is the center to this plan and he suffered and died so that the plan could happen. This plan is the Plan of Salvation, Plan of Happiness, and it is the most amazing thing that we have in this world. Spread the word, the gospel is true, Heavenly Father has a plan for us, and it will make us more happy than anything else in this world. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Elder Brandon Bean

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