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Monday, June 17, 2013

week #15 Monday, June 17, 2013

Hey everyone,

So, it has been another week and our mission gets new missionaries this week which means.....(drum roll) I've survived a full move call. It's almost been 6 weeks I can't believe it. So it's been a great week, lets try and get it all written down.
Brandon lost his wallet last week.  Told his Mom in an e-mail Monday morning, then later Monday went and found it.  In the meantime, I have been praying all week to help Brandon find his wallet.  Kind of funny!
So, first off, I have my wallet. Yes, my wallet has been retrieved, everything was in it, I have a huge album of photos to send but I left my camera at the apartment so those will be coming next week. But here's what happened, so last p-day we took the 40 min ride on the subway to Gaoxiong, there, we went and talked to like every bus station there but none of them had it. So finally we looked for the bus stop we got off at. There we found that there are 4 different buses that stop there, so we had to examine the maps to discover which bus we took. Finally we found it so then we wrote down the numbers and went to the train station to use the pay phones because the phone number was a house phone. Then we found out they had a black wallet but they weren't sure, so just told us to come to their headquarters and pick it up. Well they don't really have a train that goes there, and we'd have to wait for a bus, but then we found a taxi guy that said he'd take us there for 200 kuai, bucuo right? So we got to ren wu's bus station and we go in the first door, and the lady puts her hands up and says in chinese "no no, I'm bai bai (I worship my ancestors, don't preach to me). Well, once we got the message to her that we were not there to preach, she told us we were in the wrong office, the correct one was 3 doors down. So we got to the right office and they pull it out of a box and say, "can you show us ID, and we were like....It's in the wallet how are we supposed to show you id if you have it." So finally they let me prove my ID from the wallet, then I got it and it had everything in it!!!!!! So ya now I'm rolling in money, buying food for myself, living the life.
So that's that, and then this week I've also started being able to speak more fluently, I don't pause as much when saying sentences, I still struggle, but it's improvement, so that's nice. 

 Also on Friday, we helped the Qishan Elders (where my trainer was born, first area) do a puppet show telling kids not to smoke. Basically it was the creepiest puppet show in the world. (you might be able to find it looking up Taiwan Tabei Mission's puppet show) Basically it was made to teach little kids how breaking the word of wisdom is bad, but it's a little too much of death for little kids in my opinion. On the bright side, I'm pretty sure those kids at the elementary school will never touch a cigarette again in their lives. Ya good times. 

So that's all for the week, I mean of course, there was other stuff, but that was the big bulk of it all, like I always say unless a day has a miracle, an incredible adventure, and a moment where I laugh my head off, the day wasn't quite complete. And I've been able to experience all three everyday. I know this Church is true, I know that the Atonement has the power to change people. I know that God has prepared countless souls for me to bring the message of the restored gospel to. I know he loves the people of Gangshan and he wants me to serve them with all my heart. I love this work, it's a blast, Let everyone know I love them, miss them all, you're all in my prayers. 


Elder Brandon Bean

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