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Monday, May 26, 2014

week #64 Monday, May 26, 2014

Hey everyone,
Yet another move call has flown by. This week was awesome. Let's try and go through. Monday, we went and visited a part member family. We were able to help the kids be a little bit more excited to come to church. We have to try and get the dad to be willing to do stuff.
Tuesday we went on exchanges with the first ward elders. Elder Faddis lead the area with Elder Cao (a Taiwanese missionary)!!!! I was super worried, Elder Cao our district leader suggested the idea, he did awesome though. They didn't get lost, they had lot's of great lessons, they seemed to have fun. Elder Faddis is doing great. While he was there Elder Peterson and I went to Dongqu, and we contacted a ton, tracted, found a lot of willing people. It was fun to chuanjiao over there in the city. Sometimes I forget what it's like in a city. 
Wednesday: We had a huge monsoon hit us, it rained hard core all day. And the fun part was I didn't wear my raingear, Taiwanese all thought I was crazy, they were staring at me, soaked riding in the rain, showing up to lessons dripping head to toe. But it was way fun. Somehow, I've convinced Elder Faddis to emulate my poor rain preparedness example. So lately we've been going with no rain gear. Then we had our English party, we taught them ballroom, played an English game. Ya had a fun time.
Thursday....Sorry I can't remember and I don't have my planner with me. We had a ton of lessons that day I remember, but other than that........
Friday: We did weekly planning, went and visited some investigators and families. An investigator texted us because of the rain and said he didn't want to meet. (a lot of Taiwanese do that because they think it's courteous of them to not make us go to them in the rain, they don't understand we still have to be outside anyways) We explained it to him and he's like, oh, ok we can meet. Then he saw us soaked and he kept telling us we were crazy, we should have stayed inside. Oh the joys of monsoon season :). 
Saturday: sorry once again forget...........awkward...
Sunday, day of miracles: So we were at church and about 5 of the less active's we've been working with came to church yesterday. I was super excited, also our new investigator with a baptismal date also came. We were fed an amazing lunch (curry rice) then we studied, went and prepared for a fireside lead by us missionaries. We tried to help the ward know what they can do to overcome their fears of sharing the gospel. It was a great fireside. We had most of the active families there. Great show. 
Well this was the week, we're finding, teaching, preparing people to be baptized. It's all looking good. I'm loving the work, I know Jesus Christ is our Savior. I'm honored to be his Representative in this part of his vineyard. I love the work.
Elder Brandon Bean 

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