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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

week #60 Monday, April 28, 2014

Dear Friends and Family,
     Well it's been another week yet again. So we've had a pretty crazy week, busy filled with ups and downs. Let's try and talk about what happened. 
     So Elder Faddis and I have been really working on our language study plans this week. He's making plans to pass off the lesson's in Chinese, while he was making his plan, I made a plan for myself, I'm gonna try improving my ability to translate in meetings, videos, etc. It came up because I've realized I've had to translate a lot more recently and I'm not as talented at it. So I have some plans for the upcoming weeks.
     Wednesday came around and we were trying to help one of our investigator's get her interview so Elder Gassman came to our english class while Elder Faddis went up there. But our investigator didn't show up. So we called her up, she said she couldn't come...we tried explaining the zone leader was there, she talks to her parents and she says still can't come, but then she talks to parents more and says she could come after 8:30, she shows up finally at 9 o clock, but her dad came with her. At first we were really worried he would say he doesn't want her to be baptized but....he just had questions about her going to college outside of he was fine with her getting baptized and she passed her interview! So She'll be baptized this Saturday. 
     We rescued a Phillapeno member yesterday. He got a calling and everything, so we were pretty excited. All the members have been great at showing they care about him. They invited him to lunch and dinner yesterday. 
We had interviews this week, mine seemed to go fine. I've decided to switch over to the Chinese book of mormon, no more English. It's been going okay for the past week. 
     Cool! Well this week we had a really great expereince helping a family do FHE. At the end of it, it seemed that it wasn't that effective and we felt like we wasted the last hour of the week but last night before we went to bed we get a text from the mom telling us thank you so much for helping her do FHE, her son and she enjoyed it a lot, she said she hasn't been that happy in a while. It was really cool. Definitely glad we did it for that family, in fact I'll probably try and go and help more families do just that. 
     I know that our prophets are inspired of God, I know that they know how to help families have the most happiness. I love the church I love the family unit. I can't wait to go help more families find this joy. 

Until next week
Elder Bean

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