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Monday, May 26, 2014

week # 61 Monday, May 4, 2014

Hey Everyone,

So this week has flown by. We went on Assistant exchanges on  Tuesday. Elder Vandiford came with us. I think it was great for Elder Faddis. I feel like he's changed the way he does missionary work all because of that exchange. We saw a lot of miracles, a ton of people really willing to meet and talk with us. We also had a crazy experience. So we had a member who asked us if we could try meeting with her daughters friend, who was getting into some bad stuff. She said her parents don't really teach her a lot of good morals, so we agreed and the day before she set up, we got a call from the mom, apparently this girl had tried to commit suicide. She had gotten in a fight with her mom and had decided no one cared about her, in the end she didn't finish, a teacher found her, and the member who knew her, has been taking care of her, helping her more, and told us to prepare a lesson completely on how she's a daughter of God. We did just that, I was a little worried because it seemed she wasn't really listening to us. But there were a few moments in that lesson that I realized this was having an effect on her. One was the scripture we shared Alma 7:11-13, she actually payed very close attention to those words, then we gave her, her own Book of Mormon, she seemed to treasure it as we told her she could put her name in it. Then at the very end of the lessons we ended her and her friend (the members daughter went to the elevator and almost everyone was cleaning up and I stopped them and told her "Hey C, it was great to meet you, until next time" And I felt like the spirit helped her know that we weren't just here for that hour, but would be praying and wanting to help her even when she wasn't around. It was a really interesting experience.
Let's see saturday we baptized V, she did great. Her mom came, seemed to enjoy the baptismal service. After she was baptized V said to me "That was so much fun!" She said she felt clean, and is just so happy from it. She's loving life and seems like the ward is doing well about caring for her. 
We also had a great miracle last night This week we went to go find a potential investigators at their house, I thought we pulled up to it. We went to the door, knocked and a lady I didn't recognize came to the door. After talking to her, we discovered she was not the person we came to visit, but she was a former investigator from 2 years ago, and has interest in our church. It was an amazing miracle. 

Well I think that's all for this week love ya all wish you well.  - Elder Brandon Bean 

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  1. hello elder its me mark estadilla. i hope that someday we can fellowship again.