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Saturday, March 29, 2014

week #55 Monday, March 23, 2014

Hey everyone,
     So shockingly, another week flew by. But that's not to say nothing happened this week, because it was filled with miracles and lots of growth. So first off, Tuesday we had zone conference with the Jiayi. It was so great. I got to see Elder Gummow again, he's doing great, rocking it up in douliu. At the meeting we discussed a ton, like the doctrine of Christ, the vision of the area presidency, we got new rules and clarifications. Something we also discussed that I want to implement more, is President Blickenstaff told us a bit about how talking about our families brings in the spirit. I want to start using that at the beginning of lessons by having them talk about their families more. Hope it will help. Then we had a meeting after with the district leaders and the mission president. It was really great, we discussed Baptismal interviews, exchanges, and a bunch of other things. In the end I was super pumped to go and do stuff, unfortunately we didn't get back until.....8:30, so we didn't get to use our energy that night. But the next day we had Elder Yang, one of the assistants with us, and it was a great day.
     We started off by meeting with Sister C, taught her a bit, made sure she was prepared for her interview and then she had an interview w/ Elder Yang and......SHE PASSED!!!! so she's gonna get baptized this Saturday night. woot woot!
We had a few other lessons that were both very chaotic, our peike's (investigators) were not on focus, and we just were not on game, it was pretty sad, but Elder Yang didn't judge us too hard (he's too nice, he doesn't judge). We had advanced english class that week. It was super fun. We also got one of our english students to come to church, so that's going great!
Thursday was crazy, we had a our apartment......So about 8:30 during personal study Elder Lieske says "well I gotta go to the bathroom" and then yells "Elder Bean, there's water everywhere!" I was pretty confused, so I came out and there was a huge puddle in our guitar room, changing room, and in front of the bathroom. We called our land lord and our office. They came and tried to fix it, but it was pretty all over the place. Most of everything was soaked (we had to use all our clothes, rags, and mop to try and soak up water, and it still didn't do the job, so we just built a wall of soaked clothes around the puddle so it wouldn't spread. Took up a ton of time Thursday. But it didn't distract the work too bad. 
We are looking to rescue quite a few of less actives, it's so exciting. I don't know what happened, but they are all changing their hearts. It's great! They're starting to read and pray daily, come to church, now we just have to help them receive a calling/assignment and they'll be set. Sometimes I feel less active saving is so much fun. I really hope it builds up the ward. I think we are seeing a revolution in the ward. 
     Sunday after church we had a lesson with that english student who also just happens to be a student of Chen Jiemei. She's super excited, loved church, has a ton of friends now, and already accpeted a date to be baptized. The works rolling. 
     Well I'm excited for this week. Thing's I'll be doing this week include but are not limited to another set of exchanges with the seconders. They've dropped a ton lately in their work and I've been asked to try and figure out what's going on, exchanges with the zone leaders, chen jiemei getting baptized, a musical concert our ward is putting on, oh ya and a ton of miracles. I know This is God's work, Elder Lieske and I constantly are amazed how we don't have the skills required, we lack in a ton of ability, but it just shows that we aren't the ones doing this work, it's all on the Lord. It reminds me about the scripture where the jews go to war and the leader is told to cut down their forces so that there is very very few present to fight. It helps them know the Lord is the one who won the war. I definitely feel right now the Lord is the one finding, teaching, and helping people prepare for baptism because for some reason  it's happening. 

I love the work and all of you,

Elder Bean

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