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Sunday, March 16, 2014

week #53 Monday, March 9, 2014

So the new move call has already started and it's definitely gonna be an interesting one. So first thing that's new is I have to do my DTM's (district training meetings) completely in Chinese now because one of the Elders is a native, and it's a new rule so that'll be fun, get to practice my Chinese....But DTM's still seem to be good, I'm still feeling pumped to go chuanjiao(go do mission stuff...bad translation). We have been trying to work really hard and hit the standards in our mission. Sadly, Elder Lieske and I failed this week. It was the first week since Chinese New Years that we messed up. We didn't do so hot on finding this week. We called a ton of people, we contacted a ton, but in the end everyone was willing to set up this next week, instead of we messed up is that the end? No. Are we gonna give up hopes this movecall? NO. Is Guiren still amazing and I love every second of it? YES!!!
We definitely hit a few road bumps this week. Our new recent convert came and told us he had a problem with the Bishop and wanted to leave. We were heart broken, but after a few days of cooling down, and someone in the bishopric talking to him, he's all good. He's gonna be fine. I feel like recent converts are even more stressful then investigator's because you really don't want your recent converts to decide to drop the church. 
This week we tried tracting, found a really cool miracle, we were tracting near an less active and a familly motions for us to come in before we even knock on the door. We went in and the family was really not interested at all, they just wanted to talk to some foreigners. However, they invited there son to come down, who was 26 and we met with him and he was so golden. He wanted to understand more about Jesus Christ and was asking all the right questions. So that was great. 
Saturday we were able to help the sisters do an interview, super great interview, their investigator is really ready to be baptized, it'll be great for our sisters. Then that's pretty much it for the week. Oh ya, today (this morning) we met with a new investigator that we found on the streets. She seemed not too interested at first, but ended up being super into the idea of prayer, was asking a ton of questions about it. I'm excited to see if she still has interest at the end of the week. If so, I'd say she'd get baptized in the next month....

Well I want to share my testimony, I know that God is with us. I know that every trial he puts us through makes us stronger. I know that sometimes we need a little wall to stop us so we stretch ourselves, reach higher than we've reached before. I know that this is his works, I'm his servant. I love everyday and I look forward to see the miracles that happen in the next year.

Love you all,

Elder Bean

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