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Saturday, March 29, 2014

week #54 Monday, March 16, 2014

Hey everyone,
     This week zoomed by. I really don't feel I just experienced a week but I'll try my best to relate this weeks events. Here's the rundown. So Monday night we went to go visit one of our investigator's and his family came to the door and told us that he wasn't home and that we shouldn't come back because they'll kick him out if he comes to church....ya that was awkward and sad, but then he texted us later and said he still wants to meet us, we just need a better place to meet. He's such a pioneer, I'm so happy! Then Tuesday I went on exchanges with the 2nder's it was a good exchange. My focus with him is they can find at anytime and they can have a ton of success. I think there were a lot of learning moments. Then Wednesday our English class doubled, that's right we have double the people we are teaching, so this week we are gonna try and do an advanced class in addition to our beginner class. We've been doing pretty good on the streets. Been talking to a ton of people. I'm really starting to feel the streets just recognize us and everyone has seen us before. It's fun when it starts getting to that point. 
     We went tracting the other day and ran into a guy who was so prepared. He is blind, so he's been trying to find the purpose of life. Such a great meet, he says he's met other church people and they all have the problem of just trying to share, no one listens to what he's gone through. It'll be a great time teaching him. 
We went to ward council, it was pretty good. The ward just showed us how involved they are in the work. I was so pumped. I want to help this ward so much have the success they deserve. That's pretty much what happened this week. 
     I know this is God's work. I know the possibilities are endless here in the mission. It's really just a giant 神安排(God organized) time. We just happen to run into the people who are asking the questions. We are able to find the members that need strengthening. God really does lead this work, he doesn't let us fail for nothing. I know Jesus Christ Lives. I know he's my Savior and I know that he loves the people of Guiren, I'm so grateful to serve them!

With love,

Elder Bean

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