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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Week #4 April 2

Well family (jiating),
It's been another great week. So much has happened. So Wednesday, my companions and I decided that we wanted to be hosts, so we just went to the meeting and they let us. Which means that we will probably host every week now. I finally got Dad's letters, I explained the situation in the letter I wrote him. But just a disclaimer in case I've made the same mistake my address is 
Elder Brandon Bean
MTC Mailbox #204
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604-1793

On another note, I've have been blessed so much to be able to follow the spirit this week. While preparing for one of our investigators, who is a Christian who's son joined the church, she has cancer, and decided to investigate our church. We had been pretty far into the lessons and started discussing baptism. She had some major disagreements about being baptized again which frustrated my companion, because he didn't know where to go from there. While doing personal study I remembered we challenged her to read Mosiah 18 (about baptism) so I decided to review it when I stumbled across verse 17 which says to be baptized you must be baptized by someone who holds the proper authority. As I read that I remembered dad printed out my line of authority so I prepared an entire lesson around that one verse.  I got to the lesson discussed how the church left the earth during the Apostasy and with that left the priesthood authority (shengzhi quanbing) and it was gone until Joesph received the priesthood in 1829. I then pulled out my line of authority and showed her I can trace my priesthood authority. Then I let one of my companions invite her to follow Jesus Christ's example and be baptized with someone holding that authority. She asked me to explain who the people were on my line, I explained it was my father who received his priesthood authority from grandpa, and I went through each one until Jesus Christ (Yesu Jidu) I kept saying I have the same priesthood as Jesus Christ, we have the same priesthood as Jesus Christ and then once I had shown her how I was connected to Jesus Christ, she nodded and said "yes, (yuanyi) I will be baptized into your church".

That was one of many more experiences, I love how much they train us to not really be on our own hear, we are encouraged to follow the spirit 24/7. It really is comforting to know that the spirit is around everywhere, and that it will lead me. I don't have to do much other than try and keep it with me.

So on Sunday, we had the Presiding Bishop Cosse come and talk to us. It was really good, one crazy thing though, so after our mission conference, we had a testimony meeting with just our branch/zone. We are required to bear our testimony is zhongwen (Chinese) to help prepare us for the field which is usually fine, but then after the first speaker Bishop Cosse came in, and it went completely still. No one wanted to give up to bear their own testimony in poor zhongwen (even though he is French and wouldn't understand a thing). The zone leader looked right at me and motioned me to stand up, so I did. I got up and got all the way to the pulpit, started off by saying "xian duibuqi, wode zhongwen butaihao" (first, sorry my chinese isn't very good) after I said that, I just knew what I was going to say, I talked about how I knew the Savior because of the atonement, I knew he was my friend. I talked about because of him I can do anything. and I had no reason to ever fear. That was really nerve wrecking.

We also saw a devotional that night by Sister Sheri Dew, she wrote Gordon B Hinckly's biography. It was really good I learned so much. I also watched Elder Bednar's devotional called "Character of Christ" it is very good I suggest everyone to try and find it and read it.

So, today I went to the temple and guess who I ran into, Kallie and Savannah.  It was way funny, I wasn't even expecting to run into anyone today, but I talked to them for a short bit. ummmmm.....other than that, I can't think of anything. I'm learning the language, I love the food, and I look forward to getting to Taiwan. We will start our 5th week this week. I wish luck to Sister Burningham, I'll try and find her as soon as possible. I will be hosting but that's like a one in a hundred chance of getting sent to my station, I hope everyone enjoys General Conference this Week. I heard a rumor President Monson is going to be speaking that weekend so everyone prepare;). I love you all, I also love all the snacks and goodies I don't know how I'll ever finish them. Also, to get rid of the idea Jenna suggested, I love letters write me as much as possible, It helps me a ton, no matter how often, I don't think it's weird. Best of luck everyone, until next week.


Elder Brandon Bean

PS- I'm pretty sure Brother Moody doesn't really know us b/c when I said hi to him, he showed no recognition facial expressions, but oh well.


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