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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Week # 3 Tuesday, March 26, 2013

First off, If Courtney didn't get her letter I wonder if Bryson got his because they were in the same envelope, and if he didn't get a letter than I also wonder if Jenna, Kenny, or Mary got a letter from me. I apologize if you didn't get a response from me, I promise I sent it my entire district was there when I addressed the letters and sent it, so it really happened....I guess I might be re-writing those letters today. 
 (funny thing, we have been on a scuba trip and I wrote Brandon before I checked the mail...Debbie) 
OK, so we'll start from last Tuesday. We had Elder Whiting from the seventy speak to us on recognizing the spirit. It was kind of funny what happened before hand, I was planning on going to choir with Elder Niko, my companions have decided they aren't to fond of going to sing in the choir, so I have to go on splits with either the Elders in my district or Elder Barr who is in a different district but came the same day as our district. Well, Elder Niko and I had gotten there right around the time I usually show up and there were no seats left. So I couldn't sing in the choir last Tuesday:(. Then Elder Johnson and I (another elder in my zone who is way awesome and we tend to end up on splits because the others have stuff to do) went to go wait in line to get into the Devotional and it was super crowded (and hot)!!! It is usually never that crowded but there was a rumor that had been circling around since Sunday that President Uchtdorf was coming, most of us had decided it was a rumor because it happens almost every week that someone spreads the rumor and it's not true. I overheard one Elder saying "I don't care, I'm gonna shove anyone down so I can sit in the front row, I'm not gonna miss my chance to meet an apostle." I kind of chuckled about that, I thought it was funny how some people will act non-Christ-Like to meet someone who is practically one of the most Christ like people in the world. The devotional was great, my entire district had so much to talk about afterwards (we have a District Meeting after Tuesday Devotional just discussing the Devotional)
The next day I got Michael's Letter (if I can call it that, he didn't say much) it had all of the friend's blog posts. It was kind of hard to sort them, because they printed all together, and the  mail place kind of just mixes them up, but I did it. After reading it, I found out in the field we will get 2 hours of email time, and we will be aloud to email friends, so that's good. Jordan already emailed me so he has my email. I also found out that transfers happen every 4 weeks, so that will be crazy.
So one of the older generations left today, so a lot has been happening with them. That generation is like us and almost all were going to Taichung. I grew really close to a lot of them, mainly because they were my neighbors in the sushe(our rooms) and they always came to visit us and help us with the language. One of them is Elder Alcocer Seone and we all call him Ai Zhonglao, because we can't pronounce his name at all. He was way cool, he and I became really close, we found out we have a lot in common. He was known all around the MTC because he was so kind to everyone. Everyone who didn't know his Chinese name would just call him scarf man because he always wore a scarf. On Sunday, he passed his scarves down and he gave me one, said that I was such a great friend, and I of all people deserved one. The good news is he's going to Taichung so I'll probably see him quite a bit when I get there, maybe some transfer we might be companions.
Good to here the scuba trip went well. I kind of forgot you were going until I read your letter.  Oh dad, I don't know how well you know the heart surgeons in the area but one of the counselors in the Branch Presidency is a heart surgeon, I want to say at timp, but I could be wrong his name is Brother Frischniect (I have no idea how to spell that) but he is great, has a lot of great stories.
So Sunday, I went to choir and got in (hopefully I can get in tonight) and the song we sang was "Joseph's first Prayer" I've decided I love that song. I really do love the story of the First Vision. It really is one of the best lessons. I'm glad I have it memorized in Chinese. I memorized it by the end of my second week here, I'm the only one that has that memorized, and I've used it probably 5 or 6 times since. I feel the spirit so strongly when I start recounting Joseph Smith's words to any of our investigators. The funny thing is, I realized Sunday, I have never actually remembered the account in English, funny how that works out.
Michael, I assume your gonna get your call tomorrow or next week but I have something I need you to do. I know you've already planned to tell Jordan first, but you should definitely tell me 2nd or at least 3rd. I won't take being #54 (after you read it to a large group) so dearelder me, have it up ready to send, all you have to do is type where, what language, when and then hit send, it's that easy, plus if you're already sending it to Jordan just copy paste, I'll get it sooner if you dearelder than email.
Keri, for the record, I am the best at finding people in the MTC, 1) The spanish missionaries tend to share the same lunch as us too) I just keep looking until I find them.  If anything I'll find you Sunday. Which brings me to the advice you'll here a thousand times, wait until the Sunday and it'll be great. I agree and concur, you might be fine anyways, you already know a lot of the language, but just giving you a heads up. If you don't find me, I'll find you.
I think that's everything that I can think of. Love you all, best of luck, Michael I'm still waiting for a real letter from you. The book is blue the church is true.
zaijian(directly translates to see again)
Elder Brandon Bean

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