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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

week #2 Tues. March 19th

Hey family,

It's been a crazy week, lots of growing, lot's of high's and low's. First of all let me start off by saying, i do love the MTC, I love how spiritual it is. I seriously do feel the spirit everyday. I always seem to be changing and growing everyday. So idk if I mentioned this but our class was filmed from the time we got here until now, they didn't really explain what this was for but we think it has something to do with our teacher because she is so amazing. They interviewed us yesterday, everyone was so nervous except for me, because I had already been interviewed a year ago for youth conference. I also was able to just talk and talk, I'm sure they'll use a lot of my talking in the documentary or what ever this is for.

I have been getting the DearElder's keep using them, it's great to get letters throughout the week, It's always nice to here about the family, my friends and everything. I love all the letters I've received and I'm trying to respond to each of them, I probably will be able to I think I have like 5 hours of free time this afternoon. I said bye to Elder Thomas yesterday he is in Elder Scmidt's zone so I found him, and Kallie and we talked for like 10 minutes it was great to here how everyone is doing. And for the record Michael what Kallie said is true.

Being district leader has actually been a great learning experience. I will admit that it has helped me so much. I'm learning to trust in the Lord and follow the direction of the spirit. The responsibilities may be putting me behind on learning the language and preparing lessons but the Savior takes over on that side of the MTC experience. I somehow am able to still find what to say during lessons, I'm able to follow the conversations during the lessons, and I'm able to feel him lift me up. If I thought the Lord had helped me before I entered the MTC, then currently he's not just helping me, he's doing everything for me.

My district so great, we all of grown so close and I'm so lucky to be able to serve them. I've gotten close to the older generations in our zone as well, they've really prepped me for the MTC, I'm probably going to use what they teach me throughout my entire mission.

I did get the package yesterday. I loved everything in it, I've been rationing the brownies but they are amazing. Colby and Mckay's were awesome. One thing that would be great if I could get Elder Larsen's, Elder Casper's, Elder Knudsen and Elder Erekson's blog posts I haven't heard anything from their blog's since I left, I also have no access to Elder Thomas' email's. so either Lisa, Kallie, Michael, or anyone else who is getting those email's if you could mail me those that'd be great, if not I understand.

I've been doing the MTC choir, and I love it, between singing amazing music and hearing great uplifting stories I always feel so excited to serve after I sing in choir. I wish I had more time to practice the piano, I got some time Sunday and it felt great to play piano again. Although I realized I don't have Jon Schmidt stuff anymore:( I was trying to play All of Me but I couldn't remember it. Got a haircut today and I guessed right on all the lengths so it looks good (yay). Finally saw Brother Moody yesterday he teaches the other district that came the same week as me.................I can't think of anything else so love you all, I'll try and finish my letters, keep sending me letters I love them.

Elder Brandon Bean

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