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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

week #6 April 16

Dear family
 I just realized next week the semester ends, and I have a majority of college addresses.  So, everyone that gave me their college address should let me know their actual home address in their next letter.
So last week we had a devotional by Gerald Lund. Mom you should know how cool that was. He talked about spiritual promptings, he quoted "The Candle of the Lord" by President Packer a lot. He had so many great insights on the subject. It was definitely a great devotional. As I listened to it I was reminded a lot of President Monsen and how his ministry is centered around following the spirit. I hope I learn to follow the promptings of the spirit, and to never delay listening to the Spirit.
Let's see, I've seen Sister Kallie Boothe a ton. So she's caught me up a lot on what everyone's been up to. umm... Elder Ko got a fever on Saturday, so Elder Wootan and I had to switch of babysitting him while the other would go to class. It was kind of good, during that time I was able to study a lot of the language. I think it helped me in the long run. Sunday, we had another devotional by Brother Dubay(not sure on spelling) He is in charge of the advertising of the Church (I'm a Mormon). He told us a lot about how the Lord is "hastening his work" and how the Bretheren have been focusing so hard on making sure we have a good image. He told us about the advertising in New York on Christmas Day. It was really cool apparently the # of visits to went up 400% and the amount of referrals in the area went up 91%. He also talked about what the church just opened up in London. DEFINITELY LOOK IT UP. It is soooooo cool! He told us that the Book of Mormon Play was coming to London and the advertisement they had going around was a picture with the actors and it said (the mormons are coming). Apparently when the brethren saw this they said, "Well we better get going London's expecting us" Basically the church has bought a TON of advertisements. They've got advertisement's on the sides of over a quarter of all the double decker buses that tell people to go to, and have a few simple beliefs. Then they've taken over tubes (subways) and just put advertisements everywhere. I feel the brethren have a very good plan for doing this. I think London is going to experience some increase in church membership.
That's all I can think for now. other than that, the MTC is pretty much the same. We are all getting excited we might get our new name tags (that'll be in complete zhongwen) at the end of this week, maybe next. We have exactly 3 weeks left today until we head out. WOOT WOOT!!!
I love you all, keep writing. I should be able to respond to everyone today.
Wo ai nimen
Bi Zhanglao (Elder Bean)

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