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Sunday, August 31, 2014

week #77 Monday, August 25, 2014

Well it's been another week everyone.

     Ya, so this week has been pretty awesome. Elder McCulloch is pretty cool. We get along really well actually. I feel like 80% of the time we are laughing our heads off. He's a super funny guy. He has been on his mission about 20 months. He heads back December 24th. He has a ton of personality. It's super fun on the streets we talk with everyone. We have been able to do a lot already and it's only been a week. 
     Last week our entire district changed....most of the zone changed. We gained a senior couple companionship in our district, and another Elder Companionship in our zone. Also an area on the southern tip of our zone just got a third companionship. So our zone now has 16 companionships, or 33 missionaries. So I became very busy very fast. Our english class was super great. We were able to have a great discussion on families and how to help our familes be better (through the gospel). 
     We were able to find some cool miracles this week. First was a family, Elder Mcculloch served in Fengshan (an area bordering ours) a long time ago (he was trained there). There him and his trainer found a family through English Class. The family was super cool, they met with them, shared all the lessons, then they realized they lived in a different area. qianzhen's area....well they reffered them over, Elder Mcculluch kept there info, and then got sent here (the area where they live). We went to go visit them. They were super excited to see him, they became too busy last year and stopped meeting with the missionaries, but now they are super willing. yay!
     Ya loving the mission. Sorry my letters lately have been lacking umph... But I do want to let everyone know that it really has been amazing. Every day I wake up, study, and go and contact, meet with people, and It is amazing. Every moment is a miracle. I wish everyone could experience this, because you can't get this growth, experiences, closeness with God anywhere else. This is the best time of my life. I love it
with love,
Elder Bean

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