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Monday, August 4, 2014

week # 74 Monday, Aug. 4, 2014

Answers to the general public. No I'm not dead. Yes there was an explosion Thursday night. Just so family at home can all be at peace, I'll start with this story. Thursday Night Elder Gummow and I just got back from MLC (Mission Leadership Council) and spent half the day dragging a broken suitcase weighing about 60+ lbs. So we were exhausted and went to bed, only to be woken up around midnight by a call.  We ignored it and we heard a few text messages ring on our phones (we are in a 4 man and both phones were getting messages). We continued to sleep. We wake up the next morning to have a few calls/txts from the YSA members in the ward/stake. One saying something like "there's been explosions, it's like the movies, super scary, it's hit the city's main streets, stay inside!" and then we called a member to find out that the night previous in our area there was some gas explosions down near the dream mall, yixing road, and sanduo road. He had been evacuated from his house, that entire area's gas has been shut off (so Bishop cancelled having us over that night, I'll say he had a good excuse). Then I call Shizhong elders to double check they are ok (their area borders ours) then I called Elder Sumsion (the assistant) asked him what he knew, he knew nothing, so he told me we should be fine. Then in the middle of personal study, Elder Sumsion calls me back to tell us President has recieved a lot of calls asking about it. So they had us call each companionship and ask if they were ok (which was kinda mafan, we were in the area it happened in and we were fine, we called anyways.)Fun conversation:Elder____are you and your companion alive" " everything ok?" "Well last night there was an explosion you'll probably hear about it today."
Then president called us and asked us to stay in our apartment until 1:30.....most boring time ever!!!! we just wanted to leave, but we stayed inside. Then we got the call we could leave, went and ate then went on exchanges. 
Cool rest of the week. So we have been having a hard time meeting with our investigators with baptismal dates, please pray for them. This week on Thursday we had Mission Leadership Council and it was such an inpiring day. Even though we had to wake up at 4:30 in the morning. We headed over, we discussed how our zone was doing, what we could do to do more. It was interesting as we discussed the way our zone was headed. Lately our zone has increased in a lot of the key indicators. This month we ended with a low amount of baptisms. But as we talked to each companionship, there were a lot of people who were looking good to baptize. So we set a reasonably high goal. But the cool thing was other zone leaders also set reasonably high goals. The zone is looking to double last months numbers. President gave us a lot of cool trainings on finding, the way us zone leaders can be better leaders. It helped me feel a lot more prepared to go and serve my zone down here in Gaoxiong west. Elder Gummow started calling our zone "The New Gaoxiong West" it's been catching on and everything. Ya it was pretty good. We've been finding quite a bit, found some really solid people this last week. I'm excited for this upcoming week, Elder Gummow and I get to lead a Zone Training Meeting. It'll be good, we are gonna show the new Mormon message. 
That's really all for now. Love you all.
Elder Bean

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