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Monday, February 10, 2014

week #49 Monday, Feb. 10, 2013

Hey Fam and friends,
This week has been an adventure. So Guonian (Chinese New Years) has ended and the work boomed. We increased the possible investigator's by a ton because we had a lot of people who said to wait until after guonian to call them. So that's been fun. Other than calling our APR for an hour a day we've also been meeting with a ton of people. So it's been fun. 
Tuesday we had a great Zone Training Meeting about faith, and progression. They had a bunch of cool things to introduce. We were invited to talk about baptism more on the street, because the Asia 70 presidency has noticed the increase number of investigator's when that is brought up in an area, so we are excited to try that out. Our English class was even more empty then last week, had no one come, so we went to visit a less active. Thursday we had interviews. That was fun meeting with President Blickenstaff, we discussed a lot about baptism and my investigator's. It was super weird to realize how much has changed since I got on the island. I was talking to Elder Sumsion (who was in Gangshan the same time, but now my zone leader) and it honestly feels super weird how old we are, we've been missionaries for about a year (him longer). Oh ya, so in our english class we had a student who came every week and suddenly stopped coming and I had a thought to go visit her, (we have records on every student) and I kinda ignored it. Then on Thursday night I was saying a prayer and I felt a huge prompting to make plans to go visit her (in my bedside prayer).  I almost just wrote it down, but then I felt a very strong urge to go grab her record. Elder Lieske asked me what I was doing, I told him "God pretty much yelled at me telling me we are going to an English Student's house tomorrow, so I'm grabbing her record so I don't forget."  We went and visited her and she is willing to meet and hear about the gospel. It was so cool. 
Well Everything is well. Elder Lieske and I fixed the guitar. We played it today, it sounds great (well for us playing it, we really aren't that good). We have a week set up to meet with a lot of new investigator's we are super excited. We're seeing God's hand in the work, I'm loving it and I'm excited for the next miracle God gives us. Until next week.

Elder Bean

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