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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

week # 85 Monday, Oct. 20, 2014

Hey everyone,

So some crazy news. My companion has moved yet again. I'm still in Qianzhen,. but now I have a new companion, Elder Shelton. He is one move call older than me. I'll get to that in a second. This week was a blast. We found a ton of new investigators. Helped a lot of our investigators set goals to be baptized. Our area is golden. Love Qianzhen. 
So first on Tuesday I went to Gangshan for exchanges. I got to see a lot of my old RC's (recent converts) or LA's (less actives) I worked with. It was really fun. Great area, definitely miss it. But I got to my area again,  and it was on fire. We found a brother and sister from english class. Had a great lessons with them. The older sister used to be atheist but then she went to church and felt it help her. But she never joined that church because she didn't feel prepared enough. Then she came to our english class and said she'd be willing to learn more with her brother. They both have set a goal to be baptized. 
We had another lesson with our favorite 11 yr old investigator and his family. As we made plans to visit him, we invited a sister from the ward to come and peike. She did and she got there before we did. So she started talking to S. He was a little bit sad because he failed his tests. But Sister Liu told him after our lesson she'd help him with his homework. After we taught him and left. She did just that. Then she also helped him read the scriptures. Him and his family were really touched by her act of kindness so he came to church this week and learned he really liked singing the hymns. 
Elder Gassman and I were having such a great week. all of our investigators were starting to progress. Sunday night we were doing planning, then I heard the phone ring. It was President Blickenstaff. I answered it and he asked to speak to Elder Gassman, well turns out he's going to be assistant. We were all pretty shocked. But he and I had a great run for 3 weeks. I'll miss having him around but I can call him whenever now. Plus I'll see him at MLC. yay. Anywho,  that was this week. Until next week. see ya all. love ya. bye bye

Elder Bean 

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