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Saturday, June 21, 2014

week #66 Monday, June 9, 2014

Hey everyone,

It has been a great week, hasn't it?  So first we had ZTM (zone training meeting) on Tuesday. It was pretty good. We just talked about finding, and inviting people to be baptized. But had a really good practice. I really do enjoy ZTM's they help me have a lot more motivation to go and do. Also to go find, to go and teach, to go and help people be baptized. It just gets you pumped.

Wednesday, we had a good English class, we've officially separated, we have an advanced and a beginner's class. The students seem to really like it. Afterwards a guy who we've met before but didn't seem interested showed up. Bishop Yang and I met with him while Elder Faddis went and met with one of our progressing investigators. This brother has hit a rock bottom, but he still won't take what we have, he wants a quick solve answer and bishop told him that we don't have a quick solve procedure to solve all his problems. Bishop said when he comes again, just to share simple short messages that he can start taking one by one. While I was in that lesson, Elder Faddis successfully shared the 3rd lesson and word of wisdom with our investigator. Apparently it was a great lesson. I was super excited it went well. 

There was a really cool miracle the other day. So we were about to eat dinner and I asked Elder Faddis what he wanted, he lists some options, one of them being bread. I told him, I'd be down to go get bread if we went to the farther one out of our way. As we stepped in, the cashier lady was super  nervous that we didn't speak Chinese, but as we spoke to her in Chinese she was super curious. We told her about church and she said she'd be willing to come to church sometime. It's crazy how sometimes God works through our appetites. 

We met with the Bishop on Saturday, we talked a lot about the importance of reading the scriptures, he talked about all the RC's (recent converts) that have stayed or fallen away and the ones that stay are the ones that read their scriptures. So that day every LA (less active) we went and visited, we talked about reading scriptures daily. It really is an important thing. It's hard for people to develop that habit, but if they do, they will have a firm testimony. 

That was our week, glad to talk to you all.

Love ya,

Elder Bean

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