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Monday, April 14, 2014

week #58 Monday, April 14, 2014

Hey everyone,
       Yet another week has passed and it's been filled with learning. Elder Lieske (from St. George) and I tried to end the move call by having as much happen as could be happening. We were handing out invitations to be baptized. Confirming people for church. Visiting as many people as we could. We had a great Zone Training Meeting to start off the week. Wednesday we did our English party, the theme was Jeopardy and they loved it. 
      Other than that, not a ton happened until Friday. So Friday morning we woke up early, headed to the train station in Tainan. Elder Handset and I went up to Taizhong to go pick up our new missionaries. We sat down, President talked to us a bit, then we got ready to meet the new missionaries. We greeted one (not knowing which one we were gonna be with) We grabbed one, greeted them and sat down. We sat through some training. President had us talk about preach my gospel, we watched some videos about how the companionship study would be. We discussed a bunch about what's coming up. Then they said it's time for the suprise (us trainers knew that they'd be picking who's going with who, but the new missionaries had no idea). They showed an introduction video of the mission to the new missionaries. It quoted a lot of talks about missionary work, it showed pictures from our mission of missionaries contacting, teaching, baptizing. As it was going on they showed some clips from the Dan Jones Activity they did the night before, as they're showing this montage it shows some clips of some of the missionaries contacting, as one of them got put on the screen, I felt a rush of spirit and I was like, "he might be my new missionary....maybe...well I don't know" Then they had the new missionaries take a red envelope and open it and read who was their trainer. Elder Faddis (the one I saw on the screen) got up and as he opened it I was already getting up. and sure enough He read off "Elder Bean, Guiren" I went and greeted him. We spent most of that day traveling, we met with an investigator in the evening. Then this Saturday and Sunday I watched conference for the most part, he was super jet lagged and had already seen conference, so he had some great Lehi Dream moments.;p
     Elder Lieske is headed to Qishan. Our district is changing quite a bit, Elder Gassman from my generation is coming down to be our zone leader, that'll be fun. Elder Faddis is from Sandy, Utah, graduated at Skyline. He's the youngest of 4. He has an older brother who served in Korea. He did tennis in high school, he's 18, He'll be turning 19 in June. He's the blonde one with glasses, I'm not sure if Sister Blickenstaff has put up pictures at all but...ya. 
So training has proven to have some challenges, like not having a companion who speaks a ton of chinese, hasn't used a phone before, never contacted someone before, however; we are seeing miracles. We are running into people who are prepared, some who want to buy the Book of Mormon from us because they see the value. Some who have been wondering their entire life why there are so many different churches and how to know which one is true. He's a great Elder, He's still a little jet lagged but I think he'll make a great adjustment once he gets the hang of it all. 
         Ya so all is going great. Elder Faddis is awesome, he's still a little shy and trying to get around the language barrier but I know he'll come around soon. 
        Well that's all, I love you all I loved conference, had some great talks. I know that President Monsen is our prophet, he leads and guides in these days.

Until next week,

Elder Bean

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